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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Frank S: What will happen during the reset with all the digital gold contracts that exceed the amount of physically available gold? Will we see one price/market for physical bullion and another price/market for digital gold contracts? How will this market separation be visible for us?

Question 2. Les M: When is enough enough, do we go all in and keep stacking until the reset?

Question 3. Jim F: Should I take my silver, (about $4500 worth), and buy gold?

Question 4. Idaho Doc: We sometimes hear about the possibility of the credit market failing and the complete disaster that would ensue. What could cause the credit markets to fail, how likely would this be in today’s climate?

Question 5. Jerrold H: If silver is a hedge against inflation, why did the price go down in the 2008 crises? In fact it’s gone down in several crises.