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Deutsche Bank Cash Call
YouTube Translation

Hi guys Lynette Zang chief market analysts here and I am training a full-service physical precious metals brokerage help you might recall it an early LOL early February rather we talk about the snap IPO that is coming out well it came out today originally they were looking at raising three billion and remember either filing they say that they have losses they don’t know that are ever going to be profitable here are the revenues ok you can see that a hundred percent of them are from advertising this is hopia this is what they really did ok say more about opium of opium is the hope that feeling will keep going up did you want to ok OBO in the hope that things will continue to go up so I want you to keep in mind right and open the snap of the snap IPO opened at bus to share this is the largest IPO ever ok better than anything and they did it on revenues of . million which is x sale you get this x sale they call this a unicorn what do we know about unicorn they’re not real the biggest movers into the top our institutions which means mutual funds pension funds insurance companies so it is spending somebody else’s money which is frankly the easiest thing to do i’m not saying that it will wear it won’t go up as far as the market is concerned because this market is fiction it is severely wrong values even Kramer said it so tall job to keep you apprised of it okay oh yeah by the way non-voting shares so if you’re lying it or if you choose to buy this you will have no say in the stock anyway and that will never be your right let’s see yes that’s it ok guys I told you keep you informed till next time give us a call all of these will be listed the images will be lifted so you can see them as jpeg on our website well I take care

3-6-16 Deutsche Bank Derivatives Relative to GDP