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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Lisa K: Can you definitively say that there will be a fiat collapse? It feels like the financial system keeps pushing up and up and up, far beyond a sense of enough is enough.  It feels like it can go on forever…like Japan.  Can you say FOR SURE that there will be an end…within the next few years?

Question 2. Scott B: When does a recession become a depression?

Question 3. Nunya: A component of the attractiveness of silver is its many industrial uses. In an economic contraction/collapse one would imagine less demand for silver as production contracts. Less demand normally translates into lower prices. Would you please cover if other factors are likely to support or increase silver’s value?

Question 4. Stephen M: With the level of manipulation today, do we really care what a graph says?

Question 5. Mike S: If the SDR is a basket of 5 countries to make the SDR what is then the difference then between the EU currency which is group of countries currency would it not be the same as the EU money which is a failure?