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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Bobbi B: I agree that hyperinflation in America is inevitable, but many economists say that serious deflation is coming first. I understand that deflation means loss of jobs, decline in available credit and production screeching to a halt, but wouldn’t hyperinflation be much worse?

Question 2. Bonita M: – In the global reset, the sovereign debt will be reset. Does it mean my country’s debt (Indonesia) to World Bank and other donors (such as to Japan Government) will be nullified?

Question 3. Matt H: Do you foresee a major policy change by the central banks to promote a cashless society before or after the reset?

Question 4. Elizabeth K: What could happen to the US financial system if our President would put the USA back on the gold standard?

Question 5. Stoli M: don’t you think we’re too far gone for gold standard?