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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Suds7711: What if the Gold price is correct right now and everything else resets to match Gold…..Deflation?

Question 2. Michael B: If we are forced to use a digital Fed coin in the future where all transactions are not only monitored but controlled based on social scoring what will be the roll of precious metals? Won’t it completely remove the value because it IS outside the system at that point?

Question 3. Larry M: With the current status of the economy being as such, 50M out of work, businesses going under and jobs not coming back, bankruptcies surely to hit unimaginable level and with half the population unable to garner $400 in an emergency, prior to all of this . . . . . just how is inflation, let alone hyper-inflation, going to play out amid all of the aforementioned?

Question 4. Rahman P: what may happen to veterans’ benefits through financial crisis? How likely would it be for the government to continue paying the benefits to veterans or would the benefits stop completely through hyperinflation?

Question 5. Janice M: You have mentioned that potentially the SDR could be used as the new currency (digital or paper – most likely digital). But will the US allow this? The US has the largest block of voting shares in the IMF and it could veto this attempt. Where would this leave the US dollar and other currencies?