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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Francois L: What would trigger a country reset vs a world reset? What would that mean for the price of Gold and Silver in regards to the fundamental value of each?
  2. Richard H: Once you have gold what can you do with it? You can’t go to Safeway and get groceries with it, you can’t go to Target and buy underwear with it, you can’t go to a convenience store and get gasoline for your car!
  3. Ben L: You say to keep some cash outside the banking system, however what good will the cash be when we go to the digital dollar? How much cash should a person keep outside the bank considering we will covert to digital dollar?
  4. Rob P: With so many people saying Gold and Silver are poised for tremendous gains (Schiff, Gammon, Rickards, Rule, etc) why are they only saying to have approx 10% in physical gold? If they are so convinced this is going to be a great time for the precious metals, why not have 30% or even up to 50% or more in the metals?
  5. Bill C: With the possibillity of imposing negative interest rates on FedCoin, surely that will increase velocity (and inflation). Your thoughts?