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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. Jaedon C: In an economy with FedCoin, UBI, and SPV Purchased Corporate Bonds what would be the role/need for commercial banks?
  2. Mark P: How difficult will it be to buy silver and gold when there is a switch to a digital currency? If everything is monitored it will be difficult to keep secure and secret.
  3. Yasin: Is it a good idea at this time to take a 30 year mortgage to buy physical gold and later pay the loan in deeply discounted dollars?
  4. Brian B: You say there is going to be a reduction in the value for real estate such as 85% for residential and 95% for commercial property. Will farmland suffer the same fate?
  5. Andrew K: why would they go to gold when that takes away most if not all of their freedom and abilities to manipulate the money supply. Plus it also takes away their opportunity to grossly enrich themselves?