2011 Commemorative Coins: The Best Buy Gold Coins

According to a news article on January 7, 2011 by Coin Update News, the United States mint plans to issue its series of gold and silver commemorative coins in two separate programs. The first program will identify and honor the US Army and the second program will celebrate the recipients with separate gold and silver coins. This is, therefore, the best time for those who are keen to buy gold coins of such historical importance.

These commemorative coin programs are approved by the National Congress in order to honor people, places and events that are of great value to the country. As per the rule, only two programs can be authorized each year, however, multiple coins can be issued as part of each program.

Buy Gold Coins: Sale for 2011 Commemorative Coins

The sale for these commemorative coins is scheduled to be launched on January 31, 2011. According to the specific guidelines, sales will continue until the complete coinage is sold or until the date of closure, which will be announced in December. The maximum mintage of these coins is as below:

  • $5 Gold Coins – 100,000 pieces
  • Silver Dollar- 500,000 pieces
  • Clad Half Dollar- 75,000 pieces

Among these, the mintage of the $5 gold coin has already gained popularity among investors. The specifications of this commemorative gold piece, it has a composition of 90% gold and 10% alloy. Its diameter is approximately 0.850 inch or 21.59 mm. The net weight of the coin is around 8.359 grams.

Features of Commemorative Gold Coins

The $5 gold coin represents the original Medal of Honor authorized by the Congress during 1861 on its obverse. Its reverse is beautified by the depiction of Minerva, the goddess who appears on the main image of the authentic Medal of Honor. In this picture, she holds a shield and Union flag with armaments and munitions in the background. On the obverse of silver dollar, there are the busts of soldiers both male and female with an image of the globe behind them. The reverse depicts the Great Seal of the United States with the seven core values of the US Army.

Prices for Commemorative Gold Coins

The United States mint has already established the prices for the upcoming 2011 Commemorative Coin series. Initially, the plan is to sell these coins for a reduced introductory price. After this initial period, the regular pricing of gold coins based on their specifications and demand will be determined and this price will remain in place until the final conclusion of sales. As regards the surcharges included in these product prices, a $35 surcharge is set for gold coins, $10 for silver coins and $5 for half dollars. The surplus amount received from these surcharges will be distributed to the Army Historical Foundation which in turn will use it to finance the National Museum of the United States Army and the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

According to market experts, the value of US coins is determined not only by its gold content, but also by its history. This is why collectors are drawn to US coinage. These minted coins increase in value as they age and become more precious than the gold that is initially used to strike these coins.

Rising Prices

Gold prices have been on the rise since 2000. Lately this has been due to the ongoing marriage season in India as well as escalating tensions in Egypt, which have fueled concerns of the unrest spreading to other parts of the Middle East.