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Viewer Submitted Questions:

  1. John J: Lynette has stated many times that the amount of physical gold in the Comex is a small fraction of contracts sold for that gold. She has said 62,000 a couple of times. Did she mean 62,000 claims to one ounce of gold?
  2. Karen E: Part 1: If there is a currency reset wouldn’t this devalue all assets include stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. Since most investors hold very little of their portfolio in physical gold, wouldn’t this mean that everyone basically goes bankrupt or ends up with a fraction of their current worth?

Part 2:Under this scenario the Buffets of the world loose most of their wealth. I am having a hard time understanding how the dollar’s value and/or US debt obligations wouldn’t be restructured to prevent such a catastrophic outcome.

  1. Stefan: In the coming reset if and when we go digital how will this affect our pensions. If the stock market crashes isn’t pension money spent on the stock exchange?
  2. Gary A: when do you convert the gold/silver into cash flow assets, DURING hyperinflation or AFTER a new system is implemented (END of hyperinflation)?
  3. Derek M: Do you think the dollar value on gold and silver coins could be relevant again after the reset, or will those numbers always be meaningless?