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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Mike R: Do annuities keep pace with inflation so I can at least hold onto my purchasing power during the term I hold it?

Question 2. Larry G: What happens with the cash you are holding if they force us to go cashless? Will we be given a chance to redeposit?

Question 3. Evan W: You talk about the melt up and melt down phases. You say markets are beginning to break down, but then you say we are in the melt up phase. Could you explain the difference and where we are currently in the melt up or melt down phase?

Question 4. James R: If the banks are able to control the supply of gold through releasing any quantity back into the market, why is gold a good long-term investment if its price is limited by central banks?

Question 5. Paul S: when I think of deflation, I relate it to lower prices, hence gold and silver would decrease in price during times of deflation. From what I gather from information you have presented, this does not seem to be true. Can you tell me if this is the case and also explain why the price of gold would rise?