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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Gregory R: Will the bail-in rules apply to brokerage firms like Charles Schwab and Ameritrade?

Question 2. Marc A: Do you think China will introduce a gold backed yuan? And what will that mean for the price of gold, the dollar and capital flows?

Question 3. Frank B: In regard to going cashless, would gold/silver still be liquid in such a situation? Or would it be easier to “outlaw” gold and silver?

Question 4. Sandra G: If someone tells you they are out of the markets because they have sold all their stocks and bonds and have put all their cash into T-Bills in a brokerage account – what do you say to them?

Question 5. Dennis J: what do the world central banks purchase their gold with? Currency? Seems like a conflict of interest if they have control of their currency supply. Also does anyone even know how much currency is actually in circulation because most currency is digital.