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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Hal M: Will we ever reach a point where inflation of the cost of living will outpace any gains that you could possibly make in the stock market?

Question 2. Stephen F: Can currency continue to be printed without the sale of Bonds or is it necessary for the National Debt to keep on increasing so that currency can be created?

Question 3. Dani: If bond prices fall at some point and when confidence is lost, won’t interest rates go up whether they like it or not?

Question 4. Melissa A: give an example of how a small local bank could be affected by Deutsche Bank failing and going under. My husband is under the impression that our local bank here in VA, would remain safe even if Deutsche went under, and does not believe it is connected to the bigger ones. Is it?

Question 5. Tom V: can we really use past economic market indicators to guide us, considering how this current market is completely manipulated and FAKE?