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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Preston A: The 2 and 10 year bond inverted today, but briefly. Does it matter that it only stayed inverted a short time? And in general, does the length of a 2/10 inversion make any difference to the length or severity of the coming recession?

Question 2. Ken N: what is the best way to Marginalize the USA debt?

Question 3. Marty: I hear the term often that there is a resistance level that gold has to pass, what is a resistance level, what would the resistance be?

Question 4. Brenda D: when gold and silver skyrocket like in Venezuela how will the coin dealers be able to pay the new high prices?

Question 5. G Lanes: the well-known financial experts that I can think of recommend having between 5%-10% of your wealth in gold & silver. Why not more?  I currently have over 25% in gold & silver.  Am I taking on too much risk?