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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Daniel C: Do You believe a return to sound money will be a Bi-Metal monetary system?

Question 2. Art S: We know that the national debt being paid off is a mathematical impossibility. In your opinion is there a debt to GDP ratio that would put us on sound fiscal footing and in this current environment, is this even possible?

Question 3. Paul F: I read somewhere that participants in the Fed repo program have the option to buy back their collateral but not the legal obligation to do so. If this is true, I wonder how many are just letting “it ride,” which would then just become another route to augment NOT QE?  Is this data published?

Question 4. Bull DaagQ: rather than Gold backed, could they go with a Silver backed dollar?

Question 5. Thomas: Will there be sufficient time for gold mining stocks to appreciate before the “reset” to the USD occurs?