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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. JR: Have you had a chance to review Basel III? Doesn’t this mean that when you go to take money out of your depositor bank, the money won’t be there? Am I right in believing this is absolutely the end game?

Question 2. Jim D: Could you please comment on the Basel III changes scheduled for end of March? Assuming banks hold gold, does this not eliminate the incentive to manipulate the price of gold lower?

Question 3. Sayan R: After the global currency reset, would all those small countries whose reserve are mostly US Dollars, be facing inflation or deflation, or both?

Question 4. K Carpy: Ideas on things to buy during the crash? Land? Homes? What kind of businesses?

Question 5. Stan P: Are there any risks in putting my money into gold ETF’s instead of physical metals?