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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Ian W: When the banks have failed and the dust has settled, what will do you think will take the place of the banks? or does the system just start all over again?

Question 2. Rondea B: If/when gold and silver “skyrocket”, and there is a stampede to sell gold to pay off bills, buy cheap assets, etc., are we going to be able to find buyers or will we find companies stating “we’re not buying at this time” resulting in gold and silver holders being metal rich but nowhere to sell it?

Question 3. Tuomas: You often talk about how the gold and silver spot prices can be manipulated through the COMEX paper contracts. Can you explain how is this possible and what is the process involved in this.

Question 4. Jason M: if banks have been buying gold, and banks fail, what happens to their gold?

Question 5. Ryan D: With gold mining going down, some people are suggesting gold will spike up then see a big drop?