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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Bryan G: You have previously stated that a window can exist when asset prices go down but precious go up which could result in substantial buying power from PM. But won’t asset prices go UP in hyperinflation as well? If in fact, they will come down I am wondering WHY they will come down.

Question 2. Steve D: After your last video on data theft and Govt’s wanting us to be “in the system”, if I were to start investing into physical gold and/or silver – how would I be able to use those metals if the Govt “forced” us into the system by outlawing private ownership of them?

Question 3. Eric R: Lynette, I came across a talk by Jeff Snider who suggests the Eurodollar system has allowed international bankers to create U.S. dollars outside of the supervision of the Federal Reserve. This system he says supplies the real global reserve currency. I’m guessing it is done synthetically. Currently he says there is a shortage of dollars internationally which is why the Fed is injecting so much currency. Can you shed any light on whether or not such a shadow system exists?

Question 4. Steve S: Should we buy gold and silver or pay off debt? Will personal debt be inflated away soon?

Question 5. JT Waters: could you please explain how the USMCA will effect US and the banking brokers?