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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Hector Pitti: Is it ok to refinance a fixed 30-year mortgage for a fixed 15-year? I heard debit is better to have a fixed 30-year because this is how wealth transferring works.

Freezerdinnerlady: Can you explain how to protect your money by purchasing gold and silver? I’m new to this and don’t understand!

Quadman72: Is there a chart that shows the amount of futures contracts for gold/silver traded?

John Doe: What should I do with my gold that is NOT pre-1933, trade it in for pre-1933? ​

Eric Ho: Is Black Rock buying their own bonds legal at all?

leigh hollands​:  What percentage of my savings should I put into precious metals?

Bull Daag​: Does this Balloon have a maximum size??

Cheap Laugh Kennedy: So, can this printing go to a Centillion? Because it sure looks like it can. ​

Hector Pitti: What would happen if gold gets into a bubble? ​

aaron tanner: ​If everyone is aware that metals are suppressed, why won’t the MINERS take charge, and all agree to completely stop selling at the fake prices?

Paul N: what do you think are the largest differences between Canada and U.S. besides no gold in Canada?