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YOUR WEALTH SHIELD STRATEGY: How to Make Your Wealth Last Forever by Lynette Zang

101 Series Sep 14, 2020

The financial world, as we knew it, collapsed in 2008 and central bankers knew it. They had a plan to make things look “normal” while allowing the system to remain fragile and vulnerable. Which is why you hear many say that what is happening is the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Personally, that is not OK with me and I’m guessing you’re not willing to hand over your wealth either. So how can you make your wealth last forever? History shows us the way via dynastic wealth, which is wealth that lasts in families, at least 300 years.


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Dynastic wealth has three parts; real estate, rare collectibles and gold. All of these have one thing in common, they are tangible assets.

Gold is, in my opinion, the most important of the three because property is an immoveable asset that can be easily taxed and rare collectibles may be fragile and easily damaged, but gold is indestructible and enables its holder to hold a lot of wealth in a small, moveable package.

Further, gold has been globally valued for thousands of years and therefore, enables its holder to buy any currency, goods or services you might want and therefore, build your own dynastic wealth. These are some reasons why gold is the flight-to-safety trade.

But of course, there is Wall Street’s intangible gold; gold mining stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, spot gold contracts and other derivative gold contracts. These are designed as a fractional reserve system enabling extreme levels of leverage and an unlimited supply of contracts. Additionally, they are designed to follow Wall Street’s trading of gold and make you think you own something when you do not.

In fact, all of these intangible “assets” are legally owned by Cede and Company, which is owned by DTC, which is owned by banks and brokerages. So they own everything, you pay for it and take all the risks.

Critically, the entire financial and monetary system is now in the process of resetting. That means that the current fiat money’s value is going to zero and therefore, the value of any contracts valued in fiat money terms is also resetting and not going to protect you when you need them to. History has repeatedly shown that this is NOT a good way to hold wealth, but you have a choice.

Physical gold in your possession, runs no counterparty risk. You hold it and own it outright. It is indestructible, private and the best way to hold a lot of wealth in a small, moveable package.

And because fiat money is in a long-term negative trend on its way to zero, good money gold is in a long-term positive trend. If you simply want asset protection (absence overt confiscation) any real gold will give you that. But for those of us looking to establish our own dynastic wealth base, we need growth. Thus, we need to discover the biggest bargain in that long-term positive trend. That is where the collectibles shine.

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Lynette Zang

Chief Market Analyst, ITM Trading

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