The question of how to buy gold coins was never more crucial in our desire for wealth preservation. We are assaulted from all sides with dire news and distressing events regarding the national and even global economy.

Even before the International Monetary Fund meets with the World Bank in Washington the IMF has released a statement in which their expectations for the global recovery have been downgraded from its meager prediction of 3.2% economic expansion to to a plodding 2.9%.

Trying to put the best face on the situation the IMF optimistically stated that economic growth should rev up to 3.6% next year but even this figure was reduced from the earlier forecast of 3.8%.

Talk swirls around the debt ceiling and other “fiscal accidents” that could, in the words of the IMF’s Research Director, Oliver Blanchard, “If there was a problem lifting the debt ceiling,” he warned, “it could well be what is now a recovery would turn into a recession — or even worse.”

Still it begs the perhaps less urgent but more central question “How did we get here?” Surely there were those who advised us on the dangers of fiscal irresponsibility and financial abandon. We need a doctor who can remedy the problem and not just treat the symptom.

It is like a number of doctors surrounding a very over weight patient. No one seems to be talking about the underlying problem, that the patient is eating too much. They prefer to complain that the obese patient’s food ceiling isn’t being lifted. No one will argue that it is not easier to just allow the patient to eat himself into oblivion but surely the long term effects of “oblivion” should outweigh the pain and irritation of using self control and common sense.

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