butter-golden-cake-mixIf have been listening to the sage advice of experts, then you already own gold bullion or rare gold coins. If you listen to stock brokers and investment advisers, then you will never own physical gold. One reason for their detest of gold bullion is the fact that they cannot sell it, not legally anyhow in the United States. There is an old banker saying that goes something like this, “Keep 10% of your assets in gold, and pray that you never need it.” This is the sage advice that I was talking about. Gold bullion is a form of financial insurance. Gold bullion and rare gold coins are unlike any other investment you can make in this very important way: gold bullion and rare gold coins rely on no one bank, government, or company to redeem them. They do not have to be turned back into currency by the issuing authority because gold bullion is a currency unto itself. Gold bullion is money, period. Those that would tell you otherwise don’t understand money. I would suggest that you not discuss money with those that don’t understand money, and I would certainly suggest that you don’t invest your money with someone who doesn’t understand money.

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Knowing How To Buy A Cake Is Like Knowing How To Invest In Gold
Think of it this way, when you go to a supermarket, there are two ways you can buy a cake; you can buy a mix in a box, or you can buy a ready to eat cake from the baker. Gold bullion is like the cake you buy from the baker. You can eat that cake right there, or you can eat it in your car at the stoplight, or you can take it to the birthday party and share it with others. Stocks, bonds, CD’s and mutual funds are like the cake in the box. The returns you are promised are just like the picture of the cake on the box: perfect. However, we all know that when you open the box, there is not a cake inside, but merely powder. You are required to add the oil, the eggs, the labor, the time, and the oven in order to produce anything that even closely resembles the picture of the cake you were sold. Stocks, bonds, CD’s, and mutual funds work in the same exact manner. You are told that it will all work out, all you have to do is keep adding every two weeks and keep working for years and years and your investment vehicle of choice will finally be something you can use. To take the analogy a little further consider this; there is nothing wrong with having boxes of cake and food in your pantry for later, but it also makes no sense to not have something that is ready to eat on hand at all times either. Gold bullion is always ready to be money because it is money.