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ITM Trading Inc. was founded in 1995 by Craig Griffin, who was no stranger to the precious metals industry. After working for a few companies he saw a need for transparency and honesty with a focus of putting the customers’ best interests at heart. As Craig has said many times, “It takes more work to be honest and to educate people, but it’s the right way to do business.” Out of this ITM Trading was born.

Our Mission

ITM Trading’s mission is to EDUCATE and assist our customers in mitigating long-term financial risk. We uncover the truth underlying complex financial and economic systems to allow people to make educated choices that empower their future, and their children’s future. We do this with a dedication to customer satisfaction, relationships, transparency, and fun. We believe that acquiring precious metals should instill confidence and excitement, and be accessible to as many people as possible. Our process is fast, reliable and creates surprise and delight for every customer.

As you can see from our mission statement we are keen on education. You will find that theme in every piece of information we put out; from our free gold kit and our website, to our free monthly educational webinars. If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to ask.

We are a full service buy/sell precious metals firm.  We deal in most forms of physical gold and silver, shipped directly to your door.  Our Precious Metals Consultants will assist you in building a diversified precious metals portfolio based on your goals and needs in order to apply the “right tool for the right job.”


Quality and Expertise

We specialize in better dated Pre-1933 $20 gold coins. As a major force in this segment of the rare coin industry, ITM Trading often enjoys preferential access to the highest quality $20 Liberties and Saint Gaudens coins at preferential prices. In addition, our in-house precious metals consultants constantly scan the market and examine market conditions to help our clients to obtain the right coins.

All of the U.S. rare coins that ITM Trading sells have been certified and graded by either PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) or NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation), the two foremost coin grading firms who together have graded tens of millions of coins since the 1980s. PCGS and NGC, whose standards are accepted industry-wide, certify the authenticity of the coins that they grade and also guarantee the grade which they assign to each coin. But ITM Trading takes coin grading a step further. We do not believe in acquiring rare coins for our clients “sight unseen,” so our coins are carefully examined to make certain that it has that extra level of eye appeal to ensure our customers will be satisfied both when the coin is delivered to their door and when they decide to take their profits. We go this extra mile because coins of the same exact grade can still have variances in eye appeal which can impact their value, especially in the eyes of the collectors who form a key component of the rare coin marketplace.

ITM Trading’s team of experienced Precious Metals Consultants focuses on their customers’ goals and needs to enable them to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. At ITM Trading we know that the only way we can be successful is to do the best job possible for our customers. This includes staying in communication in good times and during the inevitable lean periods that occur every so often. As an ITM Trading customer, you can monitor the value of your rare coins and precious metals through our semi-annual portfolio reviews simply by requesting them.

Call ITM Trading at 1-888-696-4653 today to get started on the path to protecting and building your wealth with gold.

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