If you have not read part one of this blog-article, then you will be a little lost as I compare my online purchase of Pauly, the retired 1990 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor to what it is like to buy rare gold coins online, since you are joining a little late, but the lesson will still be easy to understand. So, I had researched the car and quizzed the owner, and everything seemed above board, just as it should before you buy rare gold coins online, or gold bullion for that matter. The caveat was, and this of course applies to most internet purchases, Pauly was several hundred miles away, and I wanted to limit any risk on my part. I talked with my Wife about driving down to Douglas, Arizona to look at the car, but Douglas is not happening, or sexy, or even remotely interesting to her, so she was not really keen on the idea. I also knew that adding the costs of fuel and time to the price of the car did not make much sense, especially if I got down there and found that the car and it descriptions were two different animals all-together.

Know Your Dealer Before You Buy Rare Gold Coins Online 
After several phone calls and texts with the owner, he agreed to drive the 1990 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor from Douglas, Arizona the three hundred or so miles up to Phoenix, Arizona, as long as I paid for the gas and bought him lunch. Kind of like paying shipping and insurance when you buy rare gold coins online, this seemed reasonable to me. After all, he seemed quite confident that the 23 year-old Ford would make the trip with no problem, and I liked his confidence. I also liked the fact that if the car didn’t make the trip without an expensive failure of some sort, he was still the legal owner of the car, and it would be his financial headache, not mine. The lesson to be learned here is that he was willing to go out of his way to deliver a quality, strong running, older machine, as long as I was willing to extend a little good-faith. Before you spend a dime to buy rare gold coins online, you should not only do your due diligence by thoroughly checking out the rare gold coin dealer, but you should be prepared to show good faith as well.

The Transaction Takes Place
We scheduled the delivery of the nearly classic (a 25 year-old vehicle is eligible for “Historic Vehicle” license plates in Arizona) for the long Labor Day weekend, and on Labor Day I met the owner at a bank around the corner from my house to take delivery. Pauly wasn’t perfect, but he was as described, and best of all the gas pedal seemed to be linked directly to a few hundred mad horses that really seemed intent on breaking the rear tires loose at any whim. After a quick test drive, I paid him in full, and my Wife and I took Pauly home and added him to the collection of cars in the driveway. To continue reading a little bit about old Police Interceptors and their relationship to what it is like to buy rare gold coins online, click here.