Pauly worked out. The car was quite reliable, fun to drive, easy to work on, and cheap to insure. All in all, the old Police Interceptor was one of the most economic and fun to drive cars I have owned. The only reoccurring problem I had was waking up to find that my Wife had taken the old Ford to work, leaving me her now mundane seeming Honda for my commute. But, enough about Pauly the retired Police Interceptor, now that you know the story, let’s relate it to how to buy rare gold coins online.

Call The Rare Coin Dealer
Ask questions about their buy-back policy, if they don’t have one, or if they don’t have one in writing that they are willing to send to you, move on to another online dealer of rare gold coins. For a detailed reasoning of why this is so important, click here. Next, ask them about whether or not the coin is “sight-seen”, if they don’t know what you are talking about, or the answer is “no”, move on.

Sight Seen Rare Gold Coins
Have you ever bought an apple off of a stack of apples n the grocery store? Of course you have. Did you just pick the first apple you saw or the one that was easiest to pick up? Of course you didn’t. You looked for the best one. An apple with no bruises, the best shine, the right size and shape. This is what a “sight-seen” rare gold coin is. Even though two rare gold coins may share the same grade, one may have more eye appeal than the other. If you were to look at a table of one hundred rare gold coins and they all had the same Mint State grade, your eye would instantly be able to choose which of the gold coins were most desirable to you, and which were less so. One truth of the matter that sets rare gold coins apart from regular gold bullion coins is that condition and eye appeal contribute to the value of a rare gold coin, where as with gold bullion coins it’s all about weight and purity. ITM Trading deals only in sight-seen rare gold coins, and ITM will gladly disclose it’s buyback policy, in fact, they insist upon it.

Ask How Long The Rare Gold Coin Dealer Has Been Selling Rare Gold Coins
This is perhaps the most important question you can ask, though there are more questions you should ask in part four of this article-blog, and the reasons why this question is so important are long and numerous, but fortunately, I covered them in depth in this previous article-blog. By the way, ITM Trading has been in business for over 18 years, and has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I invite you to call ITM Trading today to inquire about gold coins, gold bullion, and about how to buy rare gold coins online. ITM Trading makes owning gold easy.