These days you can buy just about anything online. We both pretty much know this. I once bought a 1990 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor online. Truth be told, I didn’t need another car, my Wife and I already had three in our driveway, and we were the only drivers in the household! What sucked me in was the ad. The owner wrote the best advertisement for the car I had ever seen attached to a used vehicle. He wrote down every little detail he knew about it, and included some really good pictures. I knew from the ad that it wasn’t perfect, just like when you compare old rare gold coins against new gold bullion products, but I didn’t care. After reading the ad a few times, the price seemed very reasonable. I did some research into the 1990 model year, and found pros and cons, but I liked the car. 1990 was the year I graduated High School, and at the time I was driving a 1982 Mecham Racing Tran-Am that somehow I had the good fortune to come into ownership of. All of the years that I owned that car, I kept a constant vigilant eye open for the four rectangular headlights that were prominently displayed along the front of the Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, for they were my nemesis. I had the Crown Vic for a couple of years, and I really liked that car. So did my Wife.

Trust Is Key When You Buy Rare Gold Coins Online, And That Is True For Old Police Interceptors Too
I have a relatively good head on my shoulders when it comes to cars, and older cars at that. I have learned over the years that a great deal on a lousy car is no deal at all. This mantra can definitely be applied to rare gold coins as well. I was living in Phoenix at the time when I came across the car that my Wife and I would grow to refer to as “Pauly, the retired police car” but Pauly was down in Douglas, Arizona, some several hundred miles away. I spoke with the owner, emailed the owner, texted the owner, and quizzed the owner, and everything seemed reasonable about him and the car. By the way, I definitely suggest that before you ever buy rare gold coins online you contact the rare gold coin dealer and ask some serious pointed questions. And in part three, I will suggest some of the questions you should ask. Back to Pauly…if the car had been in Phoenix, I could have gone to see the car, driven it, and if I liked it enough, I could have haggled the price, but, like the vast majority of internet purchases, this was just not the case. If you want to know a little more about Pauly and how and where to buy rare gold coins online, or gold bullion for that matter, click here.