There are several questions you should ask before you buy rare gold coins online, and the answers you receive, or don’t receive, will determine which dealer of rare gold coins earns your business. Here are some more questions you should have answers to before you buy rare gold coins online.

Which Rare Gold Coins Should I Purchase?
This is a great question for a few reasons. First, if the person at the company you are talking to doesn’t have any suggestions, you know that they know nothing to very little about the rare gold coin market. Chances are that a company that employs people that know very little about a complex market won’t be around long, and that can very seriously impact the success of your rare gold coin investment. More on this complex subject here. If the representative has several suggestions, ask them about their reasoning. It should be sound and make good sense, and not be just “It’s our best deal right now”. If that is the answer you receive, time to look elsewhere for a rare gold coin dealer, because more than likely, the coin they are promoting is the best deal for them, and not necessarily for you. Realistically, you want the company representative to ask you a few questions about what you are trying to achieve through your purchase of rare gold coins, and then make suggestions based on the answer you give them. There is a tool that can do the job, and then there is the right tool for the job. ITM Trading strives to put the best possible rare gold coin, or gold coins, or gold bullion into your precious metals portfolio to help ensure financial success down the road.

Ask About The Population Of The Rare Gold Coin
Just as Ford knows exactly how many 1990 Crown Victoria Police Interceptors they built, a good rare gold coin dealer will be able to tell you how many rare gold coins of a particular type in a particular grade are known to exist. Ideally, this number should include only rare gold coins graded by PCGS or NGC, the two most highly regarded coin grading firms on the planet. There are other rare gold coin grading companies out there, but ITM Trading suggests you steer clear of them for a variety of reasons, but the most important reason is that having a rare gold coin graded by an inferior company can lead to inferior profits later on when it is time to sell your rare gold coins, and profit is the name of the game when it comes to investing in rare gold coins.

More On Rare Gold Coin Populations
Some rare gold coins are more common than others, and some are truly quite scarce and seldom come to market. Personally, I suggest owning rare gold coins that are numerous enough to come to market with enough regularity to establish solid trends in pricing, so that you can more easily keep track of the value of your rare gold coin investment. More on this subject here.