To continue this blog-article we will pick up the topic of rare gold coin population, and how knowing the populations of a rare gold coins can be quite beneficial in the decision to purchase a particular rare gold coin. For instance, at one point I was heavily considering purchasing a Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle that had a population of only two hundred and thirty three. This means that between PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation), which are the top two coin grading companies that grade coins in the United States (and the only two grading companies ITM Trading will deal with regarding rare graded coins) they have only ever seen two hundred and thirty three of these coins come through to be graded that were in this particular Mint State of Uncirculated condition. At the time, this coin was trading at about five times the price of an ounce of gold bullion. I ended up, however, purchasing two Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles that were each about two to two and a half the spot price of an ounce of gold bullion. Over the years, I always kept an eye open to see where the price of the rarer two hundred and thirty three population coin had gone, but usually there was no price associated with the coin, because it just had not come to market. The other people that owned those two hundred and thirty three coins had them tucked safely away, and they were just not for sale. Conversely, I was almost always able to track the current value of the two coins I had purchased instead, and they had populations under twenty five hundred. During this time I watched the price of gold bullion skyrocket from $800 an ounce to $1900 an ounce. Needless to say, my rare gold coin investment did quite well, and this at a time when most were simply hoping that maybe someday their 401k would be resurrected. Diversifying into two less rare, more populous coins also gave me the advantage of being able to liquidate one coin, and keep the other if for some reason I needed to get my hands on a quick couple of thousand dollars in case of some type of emergency. If you are just beginning to buy rare gold coins online, may I suggest you begin with lower priced, more frequently traded rare gold coins. Perhaps mix in a little gold bullion if you think you may need to access your money for emergency reasons, that way you can liquidate the gold bullion coins, and keep your rare gold coin investment intact.

Where Should I Buy Rare Gold Coins Online?
Easy, somewhere that gives you the information and support to make wise choices, and will stand behind and cheerfully buy-back the rare gold coins you purchase. You have more than one choice, as there are a few really good rare gold coin dealers out there, but there are also some that are not trustworthy or truly interested in your true financial well being. Please call ITM Trading, we are here to be of service.