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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Shelly S: If one was worried about losing money that is invested in stocks in a 401(k). Is there something I can invest in, inside the 401k that is a good option?

Question 2. Tony C: Once the reset occurs, which I believe will be when the powerful financial elite are ready for it, do you think these same powerful financial elite will continue to have sufficient power to steer the value of precious metals in the direction they want, rather than let the price be determined by the market?

Question 3. Linney: When the reset happens, who will be the governing body to determine the value of silver and gold?

Question 4. M Zook: What do you mean by bullion? What do you mean by collectibles? What do you mean by monetary gold? Given those three, what and/or where is the overlap?

Question 5. Herb M: in a future video could you explain to us what role the SDR will play as we head into this financial crisis.