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Stock Market Insider Trading?

hi guys chief market analyst here Lynette Zang ITM Trading we are a full-service physical precious metals brokerage house today we’re going to start the agenda I remember this the jpegs on all of this are available by clicking the link below but we’re going to start out today with looking at this week’s insider five cell and then also future by the cell here let me have that thank you and you can going to get the jpeg but what I find really interesting about this particular is that last week for every one dollar of buying that insiders that CEO CFO the guys that are running the companies did last week for every one dollar five they did 61 dollars in seventy-nine cents worth of selling so that’s a pretty big ratio this week they blow that out of water for every dollar $1 that they buy the stock of the companies that they know what’s going on they told a hundred and sixteen dollars and eighty cents that is pretty big also last week’s was future by our future selling was supposed to be about 80 tons of 80 million well they actually did 267 million for this week so go grab that JPEG.

 Will President Trump Expedite the US Losing Status as the World Reserve Currency?

Really interesting i don’t care what the stock market’s doing I care with the insiders are doing that’s what they’re doing but what I really want to talk about today is what what happening and I want you to know i am not political I really don’t care about politics I am economic and I’m all about money so that’s my focus yeah we all know what happened over the weekend with Trump and the immigration status and laws and and standing people etcetera interesting to note the reserve spot from o Iraq is is everybody language I mean that’s really the point i don’t need to go through the Pacific and then in Mexico humiliated or was quite aggressive with the Mexican president president to come off as oh let’s not forget Japan of choosing everybody of currency manipulation particularly Germany ok so what is that all about you know I know the protection that move etcetera etcetera this is my opinion we’re going to find out whether or not it’s true but remember on midnight on December 31st the other nations now have enough votes to override the you f at the IMF and remember the discussion is to replace the US dollar with the SDR in valuing global assets and instruments and that load is coming up so this is China we know is spearheading that move this is the AIIB bank originally this was back in 2015 great Britain our staunchest ally with the very first not Asian bank to joint or country rather to join the AIIB bay followed very quickly by Saudi Arabia hello petro dollar and then lots of other countries have followed up in davos you had chimed taking a much bigger lead positioning for these global markets to be a global financial power out and now you have another 25 countries that are joining the aiib bank which is China bank so what does that all mean well going back to this one keep in mind that yes we’re very close in it is enough of the other countries vote the dollar is replaced as the world reserve currency with the SDR this look intact of huge if you haven’t seen it yet go to the webinar on the SDR as the world reserve currency.

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Remember too that this coming Tuesday i’m doing the webinar Bitcoin blockchain and oh my gosh what you’re going to see when you come to that I blew me away so the last thing i want to close with two is what’s happening with gold and so all of this turmoil that is happening is driving gold sale I understand why I agree a hundred percent if you haven’t yet position into physical metal you need to really do that things are happening very quickly so subscribe to our YouTube channel join us on face but we’ll let you know what we have these live events remember there’s a link below you can have all of this and jpeg form I’ve got all of the links to the different articles on the bottom of each sheet so you can go ahead and you can read anything that you want and like us share this with your friends and remember we are a full-service by self physical precious metals appropriate child you need physical metal give us a call 1-888-696-4653

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