Gold treasure goes missing all the time. The bottoms of the seas are littered with gold bars and gold coins and silver bullion. Until the invention of airplanes, all gold and silver bullion shipping overseas had to happen on the seas. Hence, gold treasure losses, and looking for gold treasure ,often revolves around ocean-going vessels.

Otherwise, looking for gold treasure may involve gold mining, and gold mining is dangerous. Probably just as dangerous as being on the open seas looking for gold treasure. Perhaps the least dangerous form of looking for gold treasures is using a metal detector to wand over topsoil in rural areas that might contain gold in its natural form, or in populated areas where people may lose gold, like a beach.

Randy Bilyeu Went Looking For Gold Treasure. Now The Search Is For Randy.

When Randy Bilyeu decided to go looking for gold treasure, he didn’t go looking for gold treasure that was lost at sea or gold nuggets in the desert ground. Mr. Bilyeu went looking for gold treasure that was hidden on purpose for people to look for and find. You read that right. Someone hid about $2.2 million dollars in gold, gold coins, and jewelry as a treasure for people to set out hunting.

looking for gold treasure : this chest is out there somewhere
The Fenn Treasure Is Valued At About $2.2 Million.

Mr. Fenn has spent a good part of his life looking for gold treasure. He has dealt in gold and silver and apparently has done so successfully. Mr. Fenn is a millionaire, and apparently at some point, he figured that if he hid some of his treasures, people could go looking for treasures and experience some of the enjoyment that he had experienced looking for gold.

All in all, kind of a sweet idea. Gold is just like cash in the sense that you can’t take it with you when you leave this world, so why not give some away. But if you hide the gold, you may be able to hear the stories that arise from people looking for gold treasure that you hid. Imagine changing someone’s life by enticing them to go looking for treasures, and then seeing what happens when they find $2.2 million worth of physical tangible wealth.

I want this story to have a happy ending. Right now, though, things are going a bit south, or getting a bit sour. Mr. Bilyeu is missing. He was looking for gold treasure hidden by Mr. Fenn. Mr. Bilyeu was known to be searching by the Rio Grande river in New Mexico looking for gold treasure on foot and on a raft with his little dog, Leo. Randy Bilyeu is in his mid-fifties and set out looking for gold treasure to follow a life’s dream. He began looking for gold treasure this time on January 5th, 2016, after doing reconnaissance and procuring a raft and a wet suit for his next search.

missing looking for gold treasure: randy bilyeu
Randy Bilyeu And His Dog Went Looking For Gold. His Dog Has Been Found. Searchers Are Still Looking For Randy.

Randy Bilyeu’s ex-wife filed a Missing Person Report on January 14th, 2016.
Searchers found Randy’s raft and his white dog the very next day. No sightings of Randy have been made, however, and few think he is probably still looking for Fenn’s treasure. More than likely if Randy is still with us he is trying to survive. The last three weeks in New Mexico have seen some freezing temperatures.

This Is Typical Of The Area Near The Rio Grande Where Mr. Bilyeu Went Looking For Gold Treasure .
This Is The Typical Terrain Of The Area Near The Rio Grande Where Mr. Bilyeu Went Looking For Fenn’s Gold Treasure.

From Looking For Gold Treasure To Looking For Randy.

When Forrest Fenn hid the forty some pound box of gold treasures several years ago, one of his intents was to get people into the forest and the fresh air. Fenn was an outdoorsman himself and figured that looking for gold treasure was a way to get people outside doing something together. Thousands of people are thought to have gone looking for treasures hidden by Fenn. Fenn is thought to have hidden the gold treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Fenn also penned a poem giving clues as to the whereabouts of the gold.

When looking for treasure in respect to Fenn’s stash, we know that:

Don’t bother looking in winter. The snow will cover the treasure.

The treasure is located above 5000 feet.

The treasure is not buried.

The  treasure is not in a grave.

Fenn knows where the gold treasure is. Fenn also knows where Randy was looking and has seen Randy’s maps. Fenn has hired planes and helicopters to help him look for Randy. We wish them both the best. Looking for gold treasure has its dangers. Friends say Randy Bilyeu is wise and takes precautions when he goes looking for treasure. They still have hope.

from looking for gold treasure to looking for gold treasure hunters
Mr. Fenn Has Been Hiring Helicopters And Planes To Search For Mr. Bilyeu.

Mr. Fenn is still reported to be looking for Bilyeu as of February 1st, 2016.
Mr. Fenn has also said that he will not call off the treasure hunt. There are still those out there looking for treasure that Forrest Fenn hid years ago, and he won’t disappoint them by taking his gold and going home.