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The Debt Hyper-Bubble is Bursting…Lynette Zang & Gregory Mannarino

Coffee with Lynette Oct 18, 2022

I am so excited to have my very good friend and returning guest here today, Gregory Mannarino, known as the Robin Hood of Wall Street, for sharing his knowledge of Wall Street with Main Street. What I love so much about him is his no-apologies approach. As he says, “in life, there are the sheep who live in fear, and then there are the lions who capitalize on it.” There is definitely a time when we can capitalize.


0:00 Intro to Gregory Mannarino
1:31 Central Banks & Government Control
11:38 CBDC = No More Inflation?
18:59 Unraveling of the Bond Market
25:13 SOFR & LIBOR
28:02 Gold & Silver’s True Value
31:43 Massive Retirement Issue
36:33 Demand Destruction
40:35 Starting Your Strategy!


Gregory Mannarino (00:00):

Things are gonna get worse. And I’m telling people right here and now that are listening to this, they haven’t seen anything yet. Nothing. This is the opening act, right? I don’t even know if we’re in the opening act yet, but it’s gonna get much, much worse. Just be ready, like I said, everywhere you can and get together with like, like-minded people in your community that you can rely on in a worse case scenario. Look, if we don’t get a worst case scenario, fantastic. But if we do, at least you’re ready for it.

Lynette Zang (00:22):

I am so excited to have my very good friend and returning guest here today, Gregory Mannarino, known as the Robin Hood of Wall Street, for sharing his knowledge of Wall Street with Main Street, which he had learned and gleaned from a stint at the now defunct Bear Sterns. Gregory is an active, full-time trader of the capital markets with the worldwide following. And what I love so much about him is his no apologies approach. As he says, in life, there are the sheep who live in fear, and then there are the lions who capitalize on it. And this is definitely a time when we can capitalize, or at least that time is coming up. Thank you for taking your time with us today, Gregory, and welcome back.

Lynette Zang (01:31):

You know, the other thing that you said, which is so applicable to today, is on the edge of control.

Gregory Mannarino (01:40):

Yeah. So, yeah, we should talk about that too.

Lynette Zang (01:42):

I wanna talk about that, especially with the Bank of England. Yeah. And I heard the incredible piece you did on the Bond, so let’s talk about the government bond market that the whole world was sold as the safest thing that you could do.

Gregory Mannarino (02:00):

Yeah. Well, you know, when they, whenever they tell you something like that, you know, the polar opposite’s True <laugh>.

Lynette Zang (02:06):


Gregory Mannarino (02:08):


Lynette Zang (02:09):

Well, so, but, but I do wanna talk more about it because it seems like the the test of credibility of the Bank of England is going on right now, which is kind of interesting.

Gregory Mannarino (02:23):

We should definitely talk about that because I have a lot to say about that. About what they’re doing and how they plated, how they sold it to the people’s. It was all live and get go. It’s gonna be temporary, gonna do for a couple of weeks. Yeah, sure. You know, it’s a joke. And in the end, the way they sell things, I won’t make any funny sounds like,

Lynette Zang (02:44):

Well, you can make all those funny sounds because viewers love that they wanna see the real Gregory Mannarino

Gregory Mannarino (02:52):

I know. It’s crazy.

Lynette Zang (02:53):

So tell me what you think about it. Go ahead. The floor is yours.

Gregory Mannarino (02:57):

Well, I think, I think it’s, it’s, it’s insane. I mean, come on now. They sell this thing to the people. Oh, you know we’re gonna be doing this on a temporary basis, and it’ll be over in a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden it’s like, well, hold on a second. You know how about, No, how about we’re going to be not only, you know, keeping it going longer, but we’re gonna double it. It’s not going anywhere, in my view. This is the way things are gonna go. Look, we understand the situation here. I think it’s pretty clear. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> everybody I think, who has even the slightest understanding of what’s going on here, how the debt hyper bubble is outta control’s, not gonna stop until it does. Okay. Watching the instability in the debt market, looking at global bond yields, watching this knee jerk hire reaction into the dollar because of debt market instability here. And it’s not just me and you saying this stuff anymore. It’s a lot of people. It’s getting coverage here on the mainstream media. I mean, what do we hear from Market Watch today? A bond market crashes like imminent. That’s what they’re saying. There was an opinion piece they had. I love hearing this stuff. When you, when you, when you see the mainstream talking about stuff that you, you’ve been saying for like, forever <laugh>. Well, you know, I think that’s, that’s a positive thing. I just wonder what’s behind it though. Right. Why now? Why, you know, like they didn’t know they would as an issue here for like, a really, really long time.

Lynette Zang (04:23):

We’ve been talking about treasury market illiquidity since what, 2015? 2014?

Gregory Mannarino (04:31):

Long time

Lynette Zang (04:32):

A Long time

Gregory Mannarino (04:33):

Long time. You know, look, it’s just the game that they play. And and that’s okay. You look, the issue I think is most people have no clue. People like you and me and the people that follow our work, they’re rare. They’re very rare people that understand the financial system at its core. How it works, why it works, why things are being driven the way they are, the game that is played via the propaganda ministry along with this, everything else. You know, it’s a rare thing to understand it. And I, I think that’s what makes our work, you and me and a couple other people, so, so important is cause we’re able to put it together to people in a way that they can get it. You can’t learn this stuff in business school, I don’t think, you know, many people write to me. I’m sure you get the same thing people write and they say, How do you learn this stuff? You know, I went to business school and I was never taught this, but it’s so obvious now that I see it, you know, it’s, I don’t know what it is. Some people are just more in tune to it. And I, I’d like to think that the people that follow our work get it because you and I put it into a perspective that they can understand.

Lynette Zang (05:40):

I try. Well, you’re a car guy, so let, And so if you can share your perspective on this, because it seems like central banks and governments have their feet on the brakes to the floor and the gas to the floor at the same, same time.

Gregory Mannarino (05:57):

Oh, absolutely.

Lynette Zang (05:57):

So if you did that, you’re trying to drive a car, what would that do to the car.

Gregory Mannarino (06:01):

<Laugh>? Well, it wouldn’t, wouldn’t function too well now, would it, I mean, I, I think that’s going, but what did Janet Yellen? Did you hear what she just said? They just interviewed her. Oh, the financial system is functioning fine. Ignore everybody. Everybody. Me, you, all the warnings from the IMF, the World Bank. I mean, we’re getting warnings here from the IMF, you know, I call them International Mafia Fund. I, I think you might refer to the one that as well, you know, and the World Bank and all these other people that, you know, ignore everybody. Fred, President Waller. Oh, I don’t see any problems with liquidity. Oh no. It’s all fine and perfect. It’s lovely. Just ignore it, you know, Look, they, it’s just, I hate it because they can’t tell the truth. We can’t get the truth anywhere anymore. And that’s why, again, I think channels like yours, and I would like to think mine are valuable to people because they see it before their own eyes, Okay? They’re being told one thing. And then of course, you know, they listen to the mainstream and well, hold on a minute. That’s not what Lynette said. That’s not what Greg has said. So like, what’s the situation? You know? But then they see it and it becomes clear to them once you open their eyes as to what’s actually going on here. So you’re absolutely right there, you know, it’s, it’s always double talk here. Central banks talking about, Oh, we’re gonna be raising rates. And that’s the issue here. The rates are too low, and that’s why inflation is skyrocketing. So what we’re gonna do here is raise rates, raise them, raise them rates. I mean, guess what? Inflation continues to go higher and it’s just not gonna stop. But this is what they’re doing. This is what they sell this stuff to the people who have no idea. They think it sounds good because this, this guy and oh, this woman wearing a nice outfit and a nice tie with their hair done. Oh, there’s, they must be right because they look like an authority figure. But no, it’s just garbage. How they package this stuff, sell it to people, and they tell them, Well, don’t worry about it. We got it. All the control. And nothing could be further from the truth in my view. You know, my perspective is pretty simple. Central banks run it all. They’re running the entire show. The rest, the rest of it is just a sideshow act theater. Right? And you know, look, I would like to think the main thing, the real reason why I’m out here, and I think you is because we’re trying to enlighten people as to what is happening, where we are going here. And this is a game of being complete information. You know, it always

Lynette Zang (08:24):

Is. Yes. It always is.

Gregory Mannarino (08:26):

You and me. What we do is we look at the overall picture, say, Okay, what are the most likely outcomes? And then we gotta fill in blanks. I mean, you know, nothing, obviously everything’s changing. It’s very liquid, it’s very fluid. So, you know, we could make errors in what we say because we don’t do it on purpose, obviously. We’re trying to come up with the best scenario, and no one can be a hundred percent right a hundred percent of the time, as long as you’re right. Most of the time I think we’ll be okay. But the fact of the matter is, this game that we play, we’re participating is complicated. So we gotta fill in those blanks. And, you know, that’s where this becomes an art form, I think. And, and again, I think people get that for the most part, at least I hope so. But look I think that we are making a difference. We’ve both been out here for quite a long time. We, we have relatively large followings, and, and they’re loyal. Your, your followers are so loyal to you. They write to me, well, that they love you. They literally love you. They’re like, Oh my goodness, Greg, did you see this piece? And you see what she’s talking about over here? And I mean, that’s fantastic that says that you’re making a difference with these people in their lives and they’re able to understand these things. And they’re out saying, Hey, did you hear this? Did you, did this make sense to you? Look, I always tell people who are new, especially to my work, is if I’m making sense to you, fantastic. If you’re connecting with me, that’s great. If I’m not, find somebody who is. But as, as long as you’re getting awake, you know, look, we’re not gonna connect with everybody, unfortunately. I wish we could, but that’s not the way it works. We have to, you know, you gotta get on the same wavelength or frequency as another guy or another girl who sees things your way. And it’s a rare thing, I believe, in this environment, cause people are so dumbed down, brainwashed, and they’re just propagandized every freaking day of their life. So when they hear what is the truth, what do they do? What’s their first reaction is generally they get angry, right? They get angry first, right? And then they get it and say, Hold on a minute. You know what, that makes sense. I think I’m gonna go back and listen to Lynette more. I’m gonna go back and listen to Greg more. But initial people’s initial reaction, I think to hearing something that is maybe they feel is shocking because it’s totally contrary to what they’re being fed fisted by, by the mainstream is anger. They don’t get it. So the, the knee-jerk is anger or fear. No reason to be afraid or angry. You just gotta act on it. If you see what’s going on, I think things become clear to you, and the fear level drops, the anxiety level will drop. So I have had many people throughout the years who have, who used to watch me, and then they stop, they, Greg, you know, what you said is actually making sense to me now. So I’m back here and now it makes sense to me. And I I love that. I’m sure you get the same thing. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>.

Lynette Zang (11:13):

Yeah. And you know, one of the things that you said is how it’s sold. Because one of the things that is a personal pet peeve of mine is they’ll make a statement, but there’s absolutely zero to back it up. Like they’re just making this statement. Like, that’s a matter of fact. And people just swallow it. And you know, I recently read the new reports that came out on the CBDC’s, and I have to tell you, they scared the crap out of me because the way they’re gonna sell it is that, well, if we go to a CBDC, there will be no more inflation. We’re, we can guarantee that there will be no more inflation. That’s because it’s gonna be all deflation with negative rates. But the other thing that I saw, and I want your opinion on this, number one, I want your opinion on that. Do you think that the central banks controlling absolutely everything, including your spending habits and where you can spend it and how long it’s alive? I mean, programmable money that they can constantly change according to what’s happening in the economy that is created from purchases, which is what I’ve been watching for now, they’ve finally confirmed it, which is also like good, has no value, and there’s only now two functions of money, which is just as a tool of measure and a tool of barter. And they’ve removed any, any store of value short term. So you get fairly paid for your wages or a long term. They just took that out. That just evaporated into thin air. I don’t know when they did that piece. I couldn’t, I couldn’t quite figure that out. But, you know, what do you think about the way that this is gonna be sold? And can they indeed guarantee no inflation once they are in full control?

Gregory Mannarino (13:10):

Well, listen to the word that you just let off. It’s all about control. I’ve been telling people the same thing as you are right now. This is about full control. And I’ll tell you the scarier part to me, and I’ve been, you know, I’ve been screaming about this from rooftops for the longest time, control of a population that is vastly smaller than we have today. Oh yeah. To me, the debt hyper bubble is the greatest threat to humankind, period. The end when the debt bubble bursts and it will, it just a matter of time, it’s gonna suck down the economy, the financial system. It’s gonna unfortunately create disruptions in supply chains like we’ve never seen before. Resources will become unavailable talking about inflation. That’s exactly what they’re gonna do. They’re gonna cause these currency systems to implode on itself by design here, introduce this new digital currency or whatever. However they’re gonna do it. They already know it’s already there. It’s just a matter of forcing the people to accept it. And in order for that to happen, they need a very large outcry. Of course, they’re going to create, they’re already creating the problem by hyperinflating the global debt. When that bursts, the system, in my view is gonna lock up, we’re gonna have a locking up with the system. Transactions are going to stop, there’s gonna be pandemonium on the streets. And they’re gonna say, Hey, you know what, we have a solution for you. Of course. Yeah. I mean, it’s always the same thing, you know, problem, reaction, solution. And that’s exactly what they’re going to do here. And it’s all about control. Yes, they’re gonna try to sell this to people every way that they can, but they’re gonna make people beg for it. Yeah. Which in my view is more than likely what’s going to happen other than okay, inflation’s outta control. That’s that’s absolutely true. We’re seeing it now despite what they’re trying to do in the lie about selling us, you know rates are too low, whatever it might be. Okay. they’re gonna crush the global economy, which they’re already in the middle of doing. We haven’t seen anything yet, in my view, followed up by a financial meltdown, which is going to be, I’m not even talking about a stock market crash. We’re talking about a bond market, market meltdown here, which will obviously destroy global equity markets. On a scale, I don’t think people can I really believe that we can realistically expect an 80 to an 85% sell up for people to the S&P 500 from the top. Okay? and, and that’s going to change everything here. But that’s, that’s just part of the, that’s just the side effect here. The bigger effect is to introduce another method of control on a population that is more control than and smaller as well. Look, I think what’s coming unfortunately is going to be extremely bad for people. They need to prepare themselves, not just from a financial standpoint here, but for mentally, physically, spiritually. I tell people, get together with like-minded people in your community form support groups. You know, look what they do. It’s all about dividing in. Conquer the same mechanism here. They lock you up in your house. You can’t see people’s faces, you know, wear that diaper on your face. You know that it’s all about divide and conquer, divide. And conquer always been that way forever. It’s never going to change. The mechanism works. So keep people divided via, you know, race, religion, politics, right? You know, whatever skin color, whatever it might be. This, keep them that way and then they’re all easier to control. It’s all about control and what people can expect, in my view, and I’ve been saying this like forever now, is it’s gonna get a lot worse and it’s continues to get worse. People are getting strangled to death here. And that’s the other thing that drives me crazy when my peeves here, is you got the mainstream propaganda ministry making you, making people think that this is all just by chance. This is all just by accident that it happened. There was no way that this is, you know, because look, people like you and I have been explaining this is gonna happen for a long time. Well, did we just conjure this up out of our own heads or, or did we just were able to see a little further down down the line? You know, that’s, that’s the difference I think between some people is they’re able to just, look, I’m no smarter than anybody else. That’s the truth. But maybe I’m able to see a little further down the road because I’m able to put things together in a way that makes sense to people. And that’s the most important thing, like I was saying before. But absolutely this is all about control. How they’re gonna package this in my view and sell it to people is inflation is outta control. The global economy is collapsing. The financial system has just has locked up here. There’s no interbank lending’s, no inter business lending. You can’t access anything anymore. People going wild in the streets saying, we have the solution. Oh yeah. Ding, ding, ding. And this is what it’s gonna be. And people are gonna beg for it. They need people to be on their knees and begging for a new system because people are gonna rebel against it at first. But not if they can get more people right now. What are they doing? They’re getting more and more people dependent on the system. How many people can they make dependent on the system once they got most people locked up? And it’s, look what’s happening here. This new futile system that I’ve been warning about for years and years. Extreme haves, extreme have nots. I wipe out of the middle class. What’s happening to the middle class here? This savings rate is, is negative. Okay? Personal debt, household, that consumer debt off the Richter scale, it’s not stopping. And they can’t make ends meet, they can’t pay utility bills. I mean, all the things that we’ve spoken about for years, it’s happening. So people should, and I think that’s another reason why both of our channels are starting to, we’re getting, we’re getting bigger, quicker. cause people are saying, Hey, look at these people. Look at Lynette, look at Greg. The stuff they’ve been saying is actually happening. Wow. Well, you know, all the detractors for all those years, you know, I’m sure you got hit with them just like I did. Well, they have nothing to say now, do they?

Lynette Zang (18:58):

No, but I wanna go back to the bond market because I am absolutely in, in agreement with you that is outside of derivatives, which I also want you to address. Oh yeah. You know, the largest market and it seems like they’re intentionally crashing it right? With their foot on the gas and the right at the same time. This looks planned to me. I’m sorry. It does. I hate to say that.

Gregory Mannarino (19:24):

It is a plan. That’s why they’re inflating and inflating and they can’t stop inflating. Look at its core. People don’t understand how the system works. It’s debt based. It demands that cash be borrowed into existence in greater and greater amounts exponentially. It can’t stop. This program, this act, this war expansion, this war speed vaccine, whatever it might be to pull cash into the now that’s all it is because the system is, it’s already a liquid and they have to continue to add cash to it, otherwise it implodes. So imagine for a nanosecond, we had a politician or someone would tell the truth. Hey, listen everyone, I gotta let you in on a big secret. This is how the system works. This is why we can’t have a budget. Why we have to have this stop gap measured to fund the government. Because it must continue to inflate. It can’t stop. Once we stop, I mean, look, I’ve been telling people for years, you wanna end the fed. We can end the fed nanosecond, stop them, prevent them from issuing $1 of debt. One just one single dollar. They implode. That’s it. Their ability to inflate is their achilles heel. If we can pull that, if we can somehow take that, it won’t happen. Because again, they got the world by the throat. They, they run the financial system, they’ve run the economy. They’re driving it into the ground by design leading up to this climax that you and I have warned about forever. That is gonna happen. And it’s already starting. Look, this, the effects are everywhere. Surging inflation, a population that is suffering here, The double speak, the propaganda be pushed. Oh, we’re doing great. Janet Yellen financial system is strong. Reminds me of Ben Bernanki when he said, Oh, subprime, it’s gonna be contained. They just gave this guy the Nobel Prize of Economics. Oh my god, people, are you kidding me? Make it up. <Laugh>. Make it up.

Lynette Zang (21:11):

God, it’s true. But do you think that the problem that they’re having over in England could be the canary in the coal mine and the, it’s interesting start of the unraveling of the government bond market and advanced economies. And then what happens to all those derivatives on top?

Gregory Mannarino (21:28):

Well let, we’ll start off with the first part of that. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, I think it was, I was telling when I was watching the bond market kind of sell off here globally and bond yields rising. I kept saying they gotta take action or this thing is literally gonna implode like now. And they, no action was being taken in. It was getting worse and worse and worse. Stock market was obviously reflecting that. Then all of a sudden blink Bank of England had said, okay, we’re gonna, you know, we’re gonna start buying bonds here temporarily. And just for a few weeks and now of a sudden the major back pedal, now they’ve increased it twofold from what I understand, they doubled it and

Lynette Zang (22:04):

They said that’s gonna be over on Friday.

Gregory Mannarino (22:06):

Yeah, sure. Just

Lynette Zang (22:06):

Came out today. I mean today is Tuesday the 11th. So they just came

Gregory Mannarino (22:11):

Out today. Yeah we’ll see how that plays out. Cause they’re already, they’re already pushing the narrative today was they’re doing this to stabilize the financial system all of a sudden gonna get stable just cause they stopped buying bonds. No, the instability is inherent. It’s in the system. And that is, it’s coming apart. If central banks don’t take more action, look, in my view, we could be sincerely on the cusp of a complete meltdown of the system. And I mean this was the front page of market watch that we could be on the edge of a crash in the bond market. Finally, it’s getting some traction here. Absolutely. This whole thing is dependent on that. Is it? It could absolutely be the canary in the coal mine, but we have to see what they’re gonna do. Look, they have, they don’t have too many choices they can continue to inflate, which will dilute the currency even further and exacerbate inflation. They can’t look, they wanna convince people that they, they can’t, you know, have their cake and eat too. You can’t just get in here and just buy all buy assets with, with cash that they just make conjure up out of the thin air and then not be pressed to pay for it here. And we’re seeing that reflect now. Yes. Maybe we, maybe this thing is gonna melt down. We just gotta keep our eyes on global bond yields. Watch this knee jerk reaction in the dollar, which has been going on for quite a while.

Lynette Zang (23:32):

A strong dollar

Gregory Mannarino (23:34):

Yeah. Over a year ago. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, I was telling people watch, my prediction was that the relative strength of the dollar compared to other currencies would, is gonna continue to rise and it was gonna be shocking to people. Well, I think that played out pretty, pretty well and I don’t think we’re done. That knee jerk higher in the dollar I think is a big tell that there are bigger issues here and it’s really, you know, it’s interesting how they sell back to people too. Oh, the dollar is strong. No, the dollar is purchasing power is getting sucked out. Right. But on a relative basis, duh, you know, we got it, we got, you know yeah, the dollars are the prettiest bell at the ball. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a great place to be. And I think anyone that’s in cash has gotta be high as a kite. I’ve been telling people that for the longest time, they’re killing these central banks are in a race to the bottom. They’re killing their currencies by design. And now we’re seeing the effects of it. Now you got the Bank of England jumping in here, you know, quantitative easing squared and we’re gonna see what else happens here. Now with regard to derivatives, you know, look, lemme it’s just people, when people hear that word, I think they freeze like a deer in the headlights. It’s the most simple thing on earth to understand a derivative is just, a derivative is a side bet. It derives value derived derivative from an underlying asset. So, and then as you well know, there are layers of these. You have side bets on side bets. You have derivatives of derivatives. It’s, the system is so twisted and you know, there’s no way to actually quantify how big it is. That’s the thing too. People, it’s too big for people to get their head around. So what do they do? Right? Ignore it.

Lynette Zang (25:13):

Ignore it. But you know, what’s coming up in 2023 is they have to shift all those derivative contracts that have, that don’t have the SOFR language in there, still has the LIBOR language in there mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, which means lots and lots of even legacy derivatives prior to 2008. And that’s supposed to, all of those derivatives are supposed to shift into the SOFR language. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> in 2023. So do you think that could be one of the reasons why we’re seeing this level? I mean, it is, it looks to me like they’re trying to crash the system to justify that cause they know they can’t make that transfer?

Gregory Mannarino (25:58):

Let’s see how, look, Lynette, this thing could end next week. Let’s see how, if we even make it into 23. I mean, who knows? I just have my eyeballs and mind fixated on what bonds are doing. What are global bond yields doing? Are they gonna stop? Are they gonna continue to sell off here? Are central banks gonna take more action? Are we really at that moment where they’re gonna let it go? Absolutely. That could play out to be a problem. I don’t know how they gonna manage to shift one thing into the other or if it’s even gonna work.

Lynette Zang (26:30):

It’s not gonna work.

Gregory Mannarino (26:31):


Lynette Zang (26:32):

They can’t do it. They can’t do it.

Gregory Mannarino (26:34):

Well, we’re gonna see, Look, I see what you see and I believe is a financial system that is crumbling around us. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>. And it’s just a, and look, it’s the mainstream talking about it now Lynette, finally, you and me and some other people too. Way ahead of the curve. Way, way ahead of the curve on this. And you know, to see some of this stuff, getting attention on the mainstream is shocking to me. Like, they never tell the truth to people. They wanna keep people happy and glee, everything’s great. Go out and spend, go melt that credit card, you know? But the fact that it’s getting attention is pretty, pretty intense to me. And it maybe that tells us that we are on the cusp of it. I don’t know. All I know is when I wake up every day, the first thing I don’t care what stock futures are doing, I don’t care. I wanna know what the 10-year yield is doing. Yes. That’s number one. And then I wanna say, okay, what are global bond yields doing? What’s happening over in Europe here? What is this central bank saying? Because you gotta decipher that too. When the central bank is trying to get you to look in one direction, you know, something’s wrong. You gotta look in this, and say, Hold on a minute here. Why do they want me to look there? No, no, no, no, no. This, that’s a distraction. Let’s go, let’s dig a little deeper and find out what’s really going on. That’s how I look at everything here. I’m saying, okay, why does the media want you to, why are they focusing on this? Why, why, why? Because something else is going on. Let’s just do a little research into that. And it just seems pretty obvious to me. You know, whatever they say, just think the opposite and you’re gonna be fine.

Lynette Zang (28:02):

Can we talk a little bit about gold and what’s happening in the gold market? Because the spot market obviously is getting whacked because after all you can make so much more money on those treasury interest rates. And yet what I noticed when I was preparing for the event this past weekend was that the physical market in the collectible coins has broken out to a high. And in the ultra rare coins, boy that thing is soaring. And also in China, they’re paying a $43 premium to the LBMA spot market.

Gregory Mannarino (28:46):

Well, I’ll tell you something interesting, just reach, there’s a couple places out here that I just go into and I see what they have laying around with the gold and silver. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and I cop into, I don’t wanna mention any names, but there’s a place near me where I go in, I have a good relationship with the guy and he says to me, he says, Greg, as soon as people come in here, it goes out the door. He goes, I can’t keep it. He had a couple of silver pieces in there, some gold pieces in there. But he can’t keep it because people aren’t stupid. I think they get it. I think they understand what they’re seeing here and they’re willing to pay the premium to hold the real thing. I got it all over my desk. All over, all freaking over.

Lynette Zang (29:24):

Me too! Me too!

Gregory Mannarino (29:25):

Too. I got it everywhere. My desk. I love to look at it, play with it, kiss it, you know, it makes me happy to have this <laugh> look at it. You and me. What’s so funny is it, look! Are we nuts?

Lynette Zang (29:37):

No, We’re safe. We’re safe!

Gregory Mannarino (29:40):

People are getting it. They’re starting to understand it. At least, At least some people are. Look, I said to people I’ve said this exact thing, that this is some kind of a natural selection. And then even those of us that are the most prepared, we may not get through this cause I feel that they’re pushing us into a worst case scenario that is a meltdown of the debt bubble. A new system. Yeah. And, and it’s gonna take a lot of people with it by design, more control. And we really could be on the cusp of this happening. We just, and the beauty of this is we don’t have to guess, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the MMRI the Mannarino Market Risk Indicator. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Yes. It’s an, yeah, it’s something I have on my website. It’s, it’s very, very simple. It’s a little neat equation that uses the 10 year yield. The relative strength of the dollar with a little, a little cute math. And then it comes up with the number. When the MMRI first came out, it was in the 80’s. Okay. We are now almost the 300, over 300, according to how I’ve set this up, is extreme risk. Right now we’re at two, like 277 again. Oh wow. Risk came out. It was only in the eighties. It was green. Everything was looking good. The market was going up on, up, up, up, up, up. And you know, now that we’re getting into the higher ranges, it’s free. It’s right on my website, traderschoice.net.

Lynette Zang (31:00):

We have the links below for you to access.

Gregory Mannarino (31:03):

Look at it, check it out. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, it’s a really good indicator of what’s driving the market based on credit risk. It’s really all it is. And that risk is rising. and you know, look, I’ve been telling people for weeks, you know, if you loan the stock market, you should be maybe thinking of hedging your positions some somehow get out of the market all together, let this ride out. Have some kind of way to at least protect your investment. And a lot of people, they’re stuck in things they can’t get out of. Which is unfortunate, you know, an investment that only makes money as the market goes up. And of course that’s a setup in itself too, who, imagine who set something like that up? You can only make money when the market goes higher. You know but.

Lynette Zang (31:43):

Well, we’ve got, you know, we’ve got this massive retirement issue that’s been going on, Of course. Which is, which is justification for the Bank of England’s move.

Gregory Mannarino (31:55):

Yeah, absolutely. Yes. And that, and I think that’s something you spoke about way in the past on one of our interviews where we spoke about that. And that’s a huge problem. You know, all these people are, believe they’re entitled to it. And they are. A lot of people have put a lot of cash into this. But look, the system is just, it’s a liquid. They don’t have the money to pay. And it’s just coming apart in my view. In fact, that was the title of several, one of my videos, it’s coming apart. It really is coming apart mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. And if they don’t get a handle on this soon, well soon, this whole thing is gonna implode, period, the end. It’s going to happen. It’s a matter of when and whether it’s gonna be next week, tomorrow, a month from now. Keep your eyes on the global debt market. All the things that we’re speaking about here, and you don’t have, if you listen to Lynette and Greg, you don’t have to to guess. All right? Right. I think we take a lot of the, you know, no one’s gonna be able to point at a time or a place or whatever, but we can get close. But first of all, keeping people prepared, letting them understand what’s going on. Okay. That’s humongous. Make them understand that where we’re going, where central banks and so-called governments are driving the world right now. And that none of this, in my view at least, and I would think you would agree, is by accident. No, no. It’s amazing how people that understand the markets like you and I see the same thing. You think that’s by accident too? I don’t think so. I don’t think so. <Laugh>,

Lynette Zang (33:17):

I agree with you and that’s why you’re sitting with the gold, the silver on your desk, because at least you hold your purchasing power, you know, we see who’s gonna be washed out. Right? And then you can go in and pick up bargains.

Gregory Mannarino (33:33):

Yeah. Unfortunately, most people are gonna lose. It’s always that way. And it’s happening very fast on the destruction of the middle class, which has been a slow burn for very, very, very many, many decades. But it’s obviously accelerating there’s no such thing as it trickle down. It always goes off. The one in 2% is doing fantastic at the expense of everybody else, and there’s no way to stop it. That’s how the system was designed. The people at the lower rung, they’re already done the middle. They just, it’s a wealth transfer effect. Something you and I have spoken about on a grand scale. And it’s really gonna get going. Look how I see this playing out is eventually that meltdown in the debt market is gonna crush the stock market and then cash, it doesn’t grow money wings and just fly away to money heaven. It’s gonna go into commodities. And I think commodities are going to skyrocket to you know, on a grand scale when this thing really, really gets going. As, as the purchasing power of the currencies continues to just dissolve. And, and that isn’t getting better anytime soon. It’s all about rates and rates and rates. They’re not telling people that the real issue here is the currency. We’re in a currency free fall. We’ve been in the currency free fall. It’s a race to the bottom. And it’s gonna get progressively worse here. I I look they’ve lulled people into some kind of sense of maybe things are gonna get better, but they’re not going to. And that’s been my main thing for a very, very long time. Things are gonna get worse. And I’m telling people right here and now that are listening to this, they haven’t seen anything yet. Nothing. This is the opening act. Right. I don’t even know if we’re in the opening act yet, but it’s gonna get much, much worse. Just be ready, like I said, everywhere you can and get together with like, like-minded people in your community that you can rely on in a worst case scenario. Look, if we don’t get a worst case scenario, fantastic. But if we do, at least you’re ready for it. And that’s important.

Lynette Zang (35:28):

Kind of hard to imagine that we’re not, especially when you have, you know, the IMF and the Federal Reserve and the treasury and the bis all telling you to get prepared for a crisis and energy.

Gregory Mannarino (35:42):

Yeah. Especially when you have the Federal Reserve saying they don’t care how bad they hurt the economy. You had Evans yesterday Fed President Evans. Enemy number one, the central banks and Oh, yeah. Well, we don’t care. We’re gonna, we don’t care if people lose their jobs. Right? That’s what he said. Really? You wouldn’t care if it were your jobs, sir. But everybody else don’t matter. That should tell people something honestly. It was pretty big eye opener for me. They get into the point they’re getting so brazen. That they don’t care anymore. They’re like, screw you, screw your family and everybody else. We’re just going to destroy you. Because that’s what we’re really out to do. And you know, we got a little bit of truth yesterday from ’em. They don’t care at all. Yeah. They, they’re working towards their goal and they’re not gonna stop.

Lynette Zang (36:33):

And the funny thing is they admit that they can’t really stop this inflation. All they can do is destroy demand, demand destruction.

Gregory Mannarino (36:45):

Exactly. I’m so happy you brought that up, because that’s what they’re doing. It’s demand destruction deliberately crushing the global economy here. And people already suffering on an unbelievable scale here. They can’t get by. They can’t make ends meet, like we were talking about at the beginning here. Right. Savings rates and the negative borrowing beyond their arrivals just to survive. And now you have Central Bank saying, Hey, we’re gonna make it a lot harder for you. Oh, imagine that. But that’s what you’re doing by design. It’s, you don’t even have to gas. They’re telling you <laugh>.

Lynette Zang (37:18):

It’s true. And the other thing that is like driving me crazy when it comes to energy, right? You know, you’ve got the Middle Eastern currencies that are pegged to the US dollar if they make that choice to de-peg, which they’ve certainly been going in that direction and leaning more toward China as far as buying all their petrol and accepting Yuan for it? Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>. I mean, what kind of impact do you think that might have on the US dollar? And we come out and say, oh, you bad people. I mean.

Gregory Mannarino (37:56):

You want me to tell you, I’m gonna write it down. And it’s, cause it’s very simple. It’s three letters. You probably know what they are already. Are you ready? This is where if that happens, and you can expect this

Lynette Zang (38:09):

Yeah. Hundred percent

Gregory Mannarino (38:11):

On a grand scale, forget about what we’re seeing now. Because that’s what they’re going to do. There’s just no doubt about it here. And they’ll sacrifice. They’ll spill blood and guts and lives all over the world to look…Why is it, for example, let’s back up a moment. What is, you know, the answer to this, but I’m just gonna say, I’m gonna pose this as a question here. What is the United States’ biggest export? Well, you know the answer, and the answer is pretty clear. It’s inflation. We the reason why, and I said this just yesterday or the day before, inflation is, is bad here. It’s surging in other parts of the world, worse. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, we’re gonna get hit with it last because again, US dollar will be in the world reserve. If that becomes threatened in any way, they’ll kill whoever they have to kill as many people as they have to kill. You will see an expansion of war on an unbelievable scale, in my view. The amount of lives that have already been sacrificed for the Fiat monetary system, the petro dollar, which made the US dollar, the world reserve currency, is unbelievable. And they will not stop. And unfortunately, the Federal Reserve has, because of the existence of the petro dollar system, has the backing of the US military, all of it, including its nuclear arsenal. People don’t know that. Even people in the military don’t know that I was a lieutenant in the Navy and I used to tell people this stuff, they had no clue. They’re like, No, we don’t. The US military is not mandated to protect oil nations. Oh yes they are.

Lynette Zang (39:50):

Oh yes they are

Gregory Mannarino (39:51):

Oh, yes. And that’s how the US dollar keeps its reserve status. If that ever gets to end. Seriously, who knows what they’ll do, other than destroying the lives of whoever they have to and millions of people.

Lynette Zang (40:05):

Yeah. I’m so sorry to say that. It’s almost like they’re poking the bear with that.

Gregory Mannarino (40:13):

Oh absolutely.

Lynette Zang (40:15):

Right? I mean, hey, they cut production OPEC Plus cut production, and of course we’ve cut production here, but they should produce more, although it doesn’t really matter. And the stock, I mean, energy is a huge problem, and it’s been weaponized on so many different levels.

Gregory Mannarino (40:34):

The whole system’s been weaponized, but absolutely, energy is humongous. I mean, you know, the banks benefit from higher crude who funds the whole thing? It’s the energy sector, obviously the financial sector benefits from it. People have no idea what’s going on and where this is going. I really hope people are starting to pay more attention to this. I really do. And I think they are, especially people that are listening to this right now. I think maybe some people can get a wake up call, and I hope people share this. I hope they get it out there. I hope they start talking about it. Don’t just listen to this kind of stuff and let it go in one ear and out the other. What are you going to do about it? Is really what I want people to come away from this saying to themselves, Okay, now that I have a better understanding of what’s going on, what am I gonna do about it?

Gregory Mannarino (41:19):

How can I at least get myself in the right spots like we were talking about before, you know? Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, understanding the situation is key. And if you have an understanding of it, at least you can make a plan for it. Exactly. Because it’s not gonna stop until they hit their goal. And their goal is again control on a grand scale, on a global scale much more than what we have now. And a population that’s paying the price, but the price that they’re already paying is nothing, nothing could in my view as to what’s coming. Right? So people just need to, people just need to be ready for it, at least as good as much as they can. If you anticipate things are gonna be bad and you prepare for it, at least if it happens already, that’s all. There’s nothing wrong ever with being ready or prepared for what looks to me, and I believe you, as you said, a worst case scenario. They’re driving it by design. This is no accident. It drives me crazy when I talk to people like you do, I’m sure. And they don’t get it. They don’t see any of it because they live in this other kind of reality that it’s been sold to them via the media outlets. Look, people’s lives are dictated by what they watch on television. Tell-lie-vision. You know, tell the people lie through the tell-lie-vision, television. Propagate it, tell them what to look at, what to buy, what to pay attention to. They really got the world by the throat. And the free thinkers are the ones that are gonna have the best chance of getting through this. Not a guarantee, but have the best chance, Right. Of getting through this. You know, we’re gonna restrict our movement, Free action, free thought, all that. If you are a free thinker, you’re the enemy. You’re the number one enemy. Yes. they don’t want free action. They don’t want free thought, any of that stuff. You become the enemy. And I’d like to think that you and I building up, building up armies of people who are, who see this, who are opposed to what we’re seeing here. And maybe they’re, they’re getting together with likeminded people and together we can make a difference. But this is gonna be a lot less people. Eventually, eventually, I believe we’re gonna see a lot less people on this planet. Yeah. Whether it’s via the implosion of the financial system, war, expansion of war, Propagation of war. People don’t get it. That war generates more cash for the corporations, the military, industrial, or complex than any other endeavor on Earth. People are not told this stuff, but it’s the truth. That’s why we have perpetual wars, expansion of wars, funding of wars, wars that we didn’t even vote for. We have no say so. Land of the free home of the brave. It doesn’t exist anymore. Not in this new reality.

Lynette Zang (44:01):

No, it doesn’t. But you know, everything that you’re saying is why I formulated my mantra, which I personally live by. So, Food, Water, Energy, Security, Barterability, Wealth Preservation, Community and Shelter. You know, these are all of the…

Gregory Mannarino (44:19):

That’s a beautiful, you gotta put that in a newsletter.

Lynette Zang (44:21):

I <laugh> actually, we started a new website Beyond Gold and Silver. That we address all of that because, you know it isn’t just, you know, gold and silver are the foundation because it’s real money and you have the broadest space of buyers. So I feel like it’s an arsenal that I get to go to this war with, but you can’t eat gold and silver, you can convert it maybe into food, but yeah, we have to get you down here so you can see the mantra in real life.

Gregory Mannarino (44:56):

Yeah. I love it. I think what you just said, it’s perfect. It’s a nice way to put it so that people can understand. And it’s just so true. You know, look like wealth preservation, growing your wealth. It’s all well and good. It’s fun. And you know, it’s a game to me in many, many ways. But all the other stuff is way more important. I always tell people our greatest resources each other, and I’ve been telling people this for the longest time, Right. We need each other. You need to rely on people. If you can have people you trust. And let me tell you something, I learned a couple of harsh lessons as of late people that you think you can trust. Sometimes you can’t. You believe in these people and they aren’t who they think who they pretend to be a lot of times. And they get to be careful of that. I’m a very trusting guy. I like to believe in people. And throughout, throughout my life, I’ve unfortunately been on the wrong end of that. You know, believing in people and they, they turn around and they turn out to be not what they pretend to be. But, you know, look I think, I think if we live by what you said, I think that’s very important, Right? Understand these things and we’re all gonna be better off. Look, every Friday I leave off with three things. I tell people to love each other, care about each other, and be charitable. If we, those three things, if we just did that, we would be all be better off. I mean, but, again, if people would implement that, you’d become the enemy of the state because you’re not allowed to love each other. You’re supposed to hate your neighbor. Care about people? You’re supposed to spit in their face, walk over them because of their religion, because of their politics, because of their skin color. Because if they’re sex, or. but, you know, it’s just, you know, bring people together, be charitable, reach out to people, help people lend to helping hand to someone. I promise you that’ll come back to you. But if we did that, we’d become the enemy. And we already are. I mean, you and I

Lynette Zang (46:45):

Well, I was just gonna say, you know

Gregory Mannarino (46:48):

Clearly on their radar.

Lynette Zang (46:50):

Well, I don’t know if I’m big enough for that yet, but if I am, I’m honored to be on their radar because I’m not gonna stop. Just like you’re not gonna stop.

Gregory Mannarino (46:58):

No, you are on their radar. Are you kidding me? You and me. They’re watching what we do, what we say. I’m surprised we’re still out here because we’re trying to tell people the truth. And the truth. People are not allowed to hear it. What do they do? They get angry at first. They get confused, but then they get it. You know, people know, generally, know the truth when they hear it. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And that’s so that I picked up from my friend. I like to still think of Greg Hunter. We haven’t spoken in a very, very long time, but he, he said that to me once and it stuck in my head. He said, Greg, people know the truth when they hear it. And I like it went. A bell went off my head. I said, You know what? You’re absolutely right. He’s right.

Lynette Zang (47:38):

Yep. Yep. Well this has been great, but do you have any parting words, things that you want people to know before we leave this really fun interview? And I really do have to get you down here at some point.

Gregory Mannarino (47:51):

Yeah, well, you know, pay attention to Lynette. Please watch my show. We’re gonna tell you how it is. We’re not gonna sugar coat it, we’re not gonna lie. We’re gonna come up, We’re gonna tell you what we think is happening. And I want people to make up their own minds. Look, I don’t wanna convince people of anything. I want people to listen to conversations like these and make up their own minds. Does it make sense to you? Am I outta my mind? Is Lynette out of her mind too? Are we two crazies or are we actually telling you something that’s useful? I think the answer to that’s pretty obvious.

Lynette Zang (48:24):

It is. And all the links to Gregory Mannarino’s fantastic work are below and also in the blog. And what can I say? I love having you on. It’s been too long. I’m sorry I missed you in physically in Vegas, but we’ll make this happen. And Absolutely. Yeah. We have more things to talk about.

Gregory Mannarino (48:45):

Lots of stuff.

Lynette Zang (48:46):

Lots of, yes. Lots of stuff. So I’d like to close out by saying thank you so much for joining us, and thank you for being here Gregory.

Gregory Mannarino (48:55):

Thanks for having me.

Lynette Zang (48:55):

And until next we meet everybody. Please be safe out there. Bye-bye.


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Website: https://www.youtube.com/user/GregVegas5909/featured

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Lynette Zang

Chief Market Analyst, ITM Trading

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