The best gold IRA is one you feel comfortable with. The worst gold IRA account is the one you never open. Opening a gold IRA account yourself is not exactly easy since there will be at least three companies involved: the company that has gold coins for sale, the banking company that opens the gold IRA account for you, and the vaulting company that will hold the gold coins, insured, on your behalf. If you are rolling over funds from a current 401k or IRA, then there will be a fourth company involved.

Just Because A Company Has Gold Coins For Sale…

Just Because a company has gold coins for sale, doesn’t mean that they are the right company to open your gold IRA account. The company that will provide the best gold IRA for you is the company that will not only fully educate you in every nuance of opening your gold IRA account, they will also educate you in how to buy gold coins, they will do as much of the paperwork and communication as possible on your behalf, but they will also be there to assist you when you are interested in liquidating or selling gold coins. Because an IRA is a long term way to invest in gold, it is important that you choose a company that has an established and solid history in servicing gold IRA’s. One of the things that go into creating the best gold IRA, is not having to deal with a gold company that went out of business while your gold IRA account was growing, and won’t be there when you are ready to begin selling gold coins and realize your profits.

The Best Gold IRA Won’t Be Full Of Expenses, Expensive Gold Coins, Or Uncertainty

One reason more people don’t have a gold IRA account is because there is little profit in it for gold companies. The least markup and the lowest commissions are centered around gold bullion coins, and these are really the only coins that allow you invest in gold inside of a gold IRA account. Some gold companies either charge high fees for their time spent setting up your gold IRA account, or they insist you buy proof gold coins, which pay higher commissions, to place in your gold backed IRA. ITM Trading charges no fees for setting up your gold IRA, and suggests only placing proof gold coins in your gold backed IRA if it fits your strategy, and then only as a diversification measure. Typically a gold IRA account can only be opened with an initial deposit of $5000, and the commissions on this amount of gold coins will typically be about $50 to the agent who will have to spend hours explaining how, and why to open a gold IRA, they will generally insist that you fill out all of the paperwork and submit it, and even then they won’t be paid until the account is created and funded. As you can imagine, not many companies will provide a quality service that requires several hours of time and wait several weeks to be paid so minimally for their efforts. ITM Trading is different than most gold companies. ITM Trading is a family owned company that was created because the Founder and President, Craig Griffin, felt that there must be a way to provide gold coins and the services necessary to make owning gold easy, and he has spent over 18 years doing just this. Let ITM Trading begin setting up the best gold IRA for you today!