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Things to Know About The US Mint

Numismatic as well as commemorative gold coins of The US Mint are going to witness a price cut on April 11, 2012. The slash in prices will be carried out based on the pricing policy of the bureau, in accordance…

US Gold Mint: American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin

The US mint has recorded an increase of 21.57% in the bullion program revenue from figures reported in the previous year.

Some Controversial Numismatic Gold Coins

As of November 9, 2011, for the second consecutive week, the US gold mint has increased the prices of numismatic gold coins.

US Gold Mint: Price Cuts for Gold Coins

As of September 20, 2011, US gold mint American Eagle Proof coins were expected to witness price cuts. The reason for the price cuts are the volatile, but lower trending gold prices that has been prevalent over several days.

US Gold Mint: Network and Sales

The US gold mint launched a one dollar gold coin in tribute to Abraham Lincoln on November 18, 2010. The new coin, with the obverse of Lincoln?s image, was unveiled at a ceremony at President Lincoln?s Cottage in Washington, DC.…

US Mint Gold Coins: 2011 Releases

The United States Mint has scheduled and revealed the tentative dates for the release of the 2011 US Mint Gold Coins. Although there is a possibility that these dates might be changed, according to reports in the Coin Update, the…

US Mint Gold Coins: 1800-1933

According to news published in Beaumont, TX (PRWEB) on November 27, 2010, Michael Fuljenz, the president of Universal Coin & Bullion in Beaumont, donated his one ounce American Gold Eagle worth $1400 to the Salvation Army?s Red Kettle Campaign.

Five Historical US Gold Mint Facilities

The US Gold Mint is the country?s prime producer of gold coins. Its origin dates back to the Coinage Act of 1792 and it consists of five primary minting facilities:

US Gold Mint: Historical and Economic Understanding

According to a report published by Thomson Reuters on August 10, 2011, a mint spokesman said that a recent rise in gold prices has prompted the US Mint to suspend the online sale of gold collector coins on Tuesday, August…

Booming Sales of the US Gold Mint

The sales figures from the US Gold Mint show that 88,000 ounces of gold in coins were sold to Mint Authorized Purchasers in September 2010 alone. The demand for United States Mint gold coins may have been somewhat affected by…


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