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Knowing More about US Gold Coins

According to trends published on April 11, 2012, commemorative US Gold Coins as well as numismatic US gold coins of other variants originating from the US Mint are well positioned for price reductions. This trend has been based upon the…

Buy Gold Coins: Varieties of US Gold Coins

US Gold Coins: Categories of Coins Available For Purchase in the US The most impressive aspect of buying US minted gold coins is that they are recognized all over the world. Gold Traders broadly put them under two categories, which…

Gold Trading: Some Rare US Gold Coins to Consider

After a steady decline of around $44 and a subsequent fortnightly dip that brought gold prices to about $1,650 per ounce, there has been a stabilization of sorts on the morning of December 13, 2011.

Top US Gold Coins on Sale

If you are a keen gold coin collector or investor, here is a golden chance to invest in the top US gold coins. The US Mint, as of September-October 2011, issued some popular gold coins for investors and gold coin…

Two Types of Gold Coins

Two Types of Gold Coins There are many types of gold coins from which to choose. Gold coins can be categorized into two broad types: numismatic gold coins and gold bullion coins. Gold Bullion Coins Gold bullion coins are coins…

Some Unique US Gold Mint Coins

In terms of value, this demand was equivalent to $43.7 billion. The demand for physical gold bars and coins was at 366.4 tonnes, which had a value equivalent of $16.3 billion.

The Value of U.S. Gold Coins

What is the Value of United States (US) Gold Coins

Which US Gold Coins Are Investors Seeking?

These markets trade in gold bullion. While gold bullion is the most common, investors are being attracted by common date US gold coins.

Why Invest in US Gold Coins?

The US Mint announced recently that the sale of US gold coins could reach 240,250 ounces soon. The price of gold has also reached fresh highs, after posting a record high of $1,577.57 in the first week of May 2011.

What Is The Rate of It? Buying Gold Coins in the U.S.

Buying gold coins has never been more popular than it is in America today. The economic uncertainty, financial market volatility and collapse of the real estate market in the U.S. has driven millions of concerned Americans toward gold, and the…


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