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Retail Responds To Depressing Sales Figures With Ho Ho Ho!

So far this year, retailers are worried they will be left with a lump of coal instead of gold coins in their stocking come year end and have moved up their holiday schedule in an attempt to turn around disappointing…

Economy Idling Along – Recovery or a Recession

It should not surprise anyone who has found themselves observing our economy on idle for the last few years wondering if we are in a Recovery Or A Recession. Lets call it a “recussion,” an economy that either can’t quite…

Mirage Of Lower Unemployment Numbers

For all the optimistic talk regarding Unemployment and our economy in general, the U.S. is not progressing, and comparing this recession to previous recessions we appear to be going backwards, which is amazing considering the sheer amount of stimulus that…

Recovery or Recession

Depending who you listen to, we are either in a Recovery or Recession. To hear many pundits and financial talking heads about the Dow Jones Industrial Average pushing up to new levels and the official jobless rate at a four…

GDP Forth Quarter Drop

Figures for October, November and December of 2012 show a Fourth Quarter Drop and that the U.S. economy fell a surprising 0.1 percent instead of the 1.0 increase expected. How many trillions have we pumped into helping the economy? The…

Economic Troubles

Watching the constant Economic Troubles of the United States is sometimes like viewing a yo-yo contest. It’s up, it’s down, then it goes into some odd gyration which you hope it will pull out of. This back and forth and…

Recession, It Doesn’t Feel Like A Recession

Ever since Lakshman Achuthan made the call for Recession by mid 2012 back in September of 2011, people have been looking around and puzzling about the apparent lack of recession. But even back in 2011 Mr. Achuthan clarified the timing…

Lackluster Performance for Global Stocks

As analysts have observed, Global Stocks have been registering performances that can be best termed as “lackluster” in the recent past and some believe that the dismal performance could in fact be proof of an “air pocket” in the market,…

World Economy Headed Towards Recession

The governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer, has declared that the world economy is clearly headed towards a Recession, which is literally breathing down our necks! Fischer also supports the increases in quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve,…

Financial Markets Feel Full Impact of 2008

The Financial Markets finally felt the full impact of the Doomsday Cycle in 2007-08, in the backdrop of the fall of giants like Lehman Brothers, banks in Ireland and Iceland. To add to this, there were too many lending programs…


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