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Insider Trading JNJ and Central Banks Buying Gold and Spot Drops

This week’s WSJ Insider Trading update shows a Buy to Sell average, for every $1 of buying, there is $60.47 of selling. Industrials are the highest buy/sell ratio at $1 in buys to $504.23 sells. This week we also look…

Dollar Cost Averaging Gold

When acquiring gold it is normal to think of it in terms of dollars per ounce.  Many buyers of gold will make a one time purchase as the price is rising and then wait for the price to go up…

Massive Profit made on One Gold Coin

A very rare coin sold in New Orleans last week for $7.4 million.  The coin is named the Brasher doubloon after Ephraim Brasher who minted it in 1787.  The buyer and seller were not disclosed to the public other than…

Jim Rogers says “Don’t Sell Your Gold”

Jim Rogers, a very well known economist and frequently seen on news channels, was interviewed on CNBC today.  Jim is well known for his bullish views on gold and has long been an advocate for the metal. Right out of…

Chinese Gold Imports Soaring

The price of gold reached a record of over $1,920 per ounce in September and then pulled back sharply to $1,534 per ounce later in the month.  On this drop many traders jumped at the opportunity to buy gold cheap. …

Sales of Gold American Eagles Fall

You would think that the old adage “buy low, sell high” would apply to Gold as well as everything else. Wouldn’t you expect that as gold has pulled back from $1,900/oz. down to around $1,600/oz that people across the country…

Gold and Your Retirement

What does Gold have to do with retirement? As Americans we tend to look at money as the end result of the trade for hours labored. Forty hours equal a work week, eighty hours equals a pay period, and X…

Do I need to be a Coin Collector to buy Numismatics?

This is a frequently asked question and rightfully so, the classification of Numismatics are coins that are rare or unusual, or have a special value to collectors. The classification alone means collector coins, however this classification lends benefits to this…

You Should Buy Gold even at these Prices

Those who Buy Gold have been enjoyingan advancing for over 10 years now, from a low of $252 per ounce in 1999 to where it sits today at $1,755, which is a gain of over 595%.  With gold at unprecedented…

US Credit Rating Downgrade

Late Friday August 5th, the United States suffered a Credit Rating Downgrade by Standard and Poor’s rating agency from AAA or perfect, to one notch below at AA+. This is the first time in history the US has been downgraded.…


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