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Hyperinflation and $1 Trillion Gold

There are all sorts of predictions out there today about gold and where it is headed.  I have heard $2,300, $5,000 and even $11,000 per ounce.  Many are educated guesses using previous highs adjusted for inflation, others use technical analysis…

A Golden Summertime Opportunity

Some things tend to happen rather consistently. The Sun comes up. Tides go in and out. Even birthdays and April tax deadlines keep a special place in your minds’ calendar. For the most part I have not found anyone who…

Hedge Fund Managers Sell their Gold

Last week a lot of chatter and concern occurred after a few large hedge fund managers decided to sell gold in their fund’s portfolio.  John Burbank, who runs George Soros’s big hedge fund – Passport Capital, sold its gold and…

Is Gold in a Bubble?

As gold continues its rise during this bull market investors get concerned about the possibility of being in a bubble, and rightfully so.  Many people lost considerable amounts of money during the dot.com and real estate bubbles in the last…

Gold Outlook for 2011

Gold has had a great run for the last 11 years, no one can argue that.  From $252 per ounce in August of 1999 to $1,421 on the last day of trading in 2010, that is a gain of over…

Why is Gold so Valuable?

Gold has been on this earth since the existence of planet. Through years of mining, panning and digging most of the world’s gold supply has been extracted. The initial findings were easier to obtain and didn’t require the use of modern day…

Interview with Jim Rickards on ITM Trading Website

In this 11 minute interview with Jim Rickards, Senior Managing Director for Market Intelligence at Omnis, Inc. and President of ITM Trading Inc a precious metals dealer in Arizona, Mr. Rickards reveals how he comes up with his prediction of…

James Turk sees Gold at $8,000 by 2015

At the 2010 World Mining Investment Conference in London, James Turk opened his keynote by reaffirming his previous prediction that gold will reach $8,000 per ounce by 2015.  He bases his predictions on past performance.  When asked about where he…

Gold as a Store of Value

Gold has been around for over 5,000 years. It has been treasured by individuals, kings and civilizations for its beauty and intrinsic value. It has been used for trade and as a currency for many years throughout history by many…

Gold Outlook for 2010

At the beginning of every year the “experts” come out with their predictions on the precious metals market. These predictions vary every year in their overall gold price target and timing, and should be taken as an estimate, a guide…


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