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Is There A Nazi Gold Ghost Train?

Recently for gold treasure buffs in general, and the residents of Wroclaw, Poland in particular, there has been exciting gold news! In the world of gold treasure hunting the existence of the mythical ghost train full of Nazi gold is…

The Potential And Realized Risks Of Holding An IRA

There are always risks involved when making long-term plans, especially when those plans center around money and an uncertain future. The truth is we as Americans tend to plan for the future we want and not necessarily for the future…

Wages, Inflation, and Price Comparisons in the U.S. Pre and Post Gold Standard

Remember the old stories about a nickel candy bar and ten cent gasoline? My, how far we have come, and the trip has only cost us $17 Trillion. When referring to the chart below, ask yourself this question: “How can…

Ghosts In The Stock Market Machines, And They Are Reading Twitter

Any one who remembers the Stock Market “Flash Crash” back on May 6, 2010 may have experienced a sinking “Oh no, not again!” feeling from the quick dip the stock market took recently. At first we were relieved to hear…

Gold Price vs Gold Value

There has been much discussion in the press and elsewhere as to whether the amazing 12 year bull Gold Price rally may have come to a halt. There are those that point to the sell off and subsequent stabilization as…

Increasing Gold Holdings

Increasing gold holdings may be in many peoples’ future as an atmosphere of diminishing positive outlook of world economic growth becomes more apparent. In a statement from a senior executive of Britain’s Royal Bank of Scotland, Coutts, Gary Dugan, Coutts’chief…

Gold Spot Price

The price of gold or the Gold Spot Price is grossly misunderstood these days. Many assume it is whatever the stock market or the London Fix say it is. However there are those that wonder about the differences between what…

How Does Gold’s Value Change With The Stock Market?

Much has been written and said about the relative level of the stock market and Gold’s Value. It is not possible to state that gold’s value changes as a result of activity within the stock market and it is also…

Common Gold Scams

Like the Gold market itself which has for the last eleven years been in a bull market, scam artists, unscrupulous companies and outright thieves are also on the rise. As the old saying goes “May the buyer beware.” Here are…

Gold to reach $5,000 per ounce on Supply Shortage

According to an extensive research report by Standard Chartered, gold will surge to $5,000 per ounce on supply shortages.  While investment demand has been increasing for gold and contributing to a run up in value from $252 per ounce in…


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