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China And Gold Reserves

China has recently added to their Gold Reserves more than they ever have before from Hong Kong. Mainland China imported almost 102.8 metric tons in November, which is valued at about $5.4 billion, on the trade data of Jan. 11,…

Vehicles of Gold Trading

If gold prices surge 50% each year, as has been the recent trend since 1934, the price of gold will hit the $10,000 per ounce mark in a little over a decade.

Technically Gold is Looking Really Good

Gold has risen for the tenth straight session to over $1,592 per ounce rallying over 7% in the last ten days. This rally matches a record set almost 40 years ago.  Technical analysts are pointing to this strength as a…

A Golden Summertime Opportunity

Some things tend to happen rather consistently. The Sun comes up. Tides go in and out. Even birthdays and April tax deadlines keep a special place in your minds’ calendar. For the most part I have not found anyone who…

Consolidations/Pullbacks are Good

Consolidations are Good By: Lynette Zang I am thankful for consolidations (pullbacks). Most people, once they’ve moved into a position, only want it to go one way, up, and they are far more comfortable if everyone else is doing the…

Silver is on Everyone’s Mind

Silver seems to be the talk these days in the precious metals world.  Anything from the historical gold/silver ratio, past performance, JP Morgan’s short contracts to Tomahawk missiles, but one thing is for certain, silver is climbing fast. I get…

US Mint Runs Out of 2010 Gold Buffalos

The US mint announced on its website last week that it is no longer selling its 2010 24-karat one-ounce American Buffalo coin.  It had been selling them amid record high gold prices and they simply ran out of inventory. “The…

Gold Closing in on Record High

Spot market:  At the time of this post gold is trading at $1,252.30 and has been climbing for 5 straight weeks since it bottomed on July 28th when it closed around $1,161.  It is approaching it all-time high of just…

Buy Gold Now or Wait it for a Pullback?

Should I buy gold now or should I wait for another pullback?  That is a valid question, one that all investors seem to ask at one point or another.  Sure there have been pullbacks in the price of gold in…


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