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WILL GOLD BE CURRENCY AGAIN? Ron Paul & Lynette Zang Talk Gold & the Economy

I’m excited to announce a very very special guest on the show, Dr. Ron Paul!   “Because gold is honest money, it is disliked by dishonest men.” – Ron Paul Dr. Paul has been known to defend the Gold Standard and impose…

Clues In The News You Need To Buy Gold: Clue #2

Just as a doctor may see cancer where others see only a mole, or a mechanic may see expensive repairs where others only see a drop of leaking oil, a Gold Trading Insider sees items and articles in the news…

Stock Market Cheerleaders

All the news channels and their stock market cheerleaders are abuzz with the wild swings in the stock markets around the world. The United States stock markets, and the Dow in particular, have not been immune to the heavy selling…

Gold Coins And Gold Bullion Investments Are Doing Quite Well In 2014 – Part One

The Wall Street Journal just released a very interesting article that compares gold futures, which are most closely tracked in value by gold bullion and gold coins, to other investments, and the returns that have been tracked so far this…

Where Can You Buy Gold Coins? – Part Four

In part three of this article-blog, I touched on some of the pitfalls surrounding buying numismatic coins online, and how to protect yourself when you buy rare gold coins online. I also suggested staying away from auction sites that do…

The Best Way To Buy Rare Double Eagle Coins – Part Two

While there are some pitfalls and common mistakes to avoid when you buy rare Double Eagles, the most common mistake that I see those new to purchasing rare gold coins make is this; they do not know what they want…

The Neighborhood Just Got Scarier

Just in time for Halloween the housing market has gained a few new and somewhat frightening characters. May I introduce the “Vampire” and “Zombie” foreclosures. Be careful, try not to get too close, they just might bite. Not even bullets…

Default Vexes Postal Service

With all the noise and commotion about funding the government and Obamacare, it would be easy to miss the little story about the difficulty the Post Office is having with their Retiree Health Benefits. The difficulty involves a default to…

The Jobless Numbers Mixed Bag

If one is using the jobless rate as an indicator of how well this year’s summer of recovery is doing, it is by no means a crystal clear picture. It is more like looking through a semi-transparent, smudged and grime…

Gold Trend Rationale

On Thursday’s “Futures Now,” MacNeil Curry, the head of Global Technical Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, maintained that there is likely “further upside” for those interested in buying gold coins. Actually, he’s “looking for a move up to…


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