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The Story of the Double Eagle

Most Americans are totally unaware that for 83 years between 1850 and 1933, the United States had a twenty dollar gold coin. That twenty dollar gold coin was referred to as the "Double Eagle." The name Double Eagle has its…

Advantages of Rare Gold Coins

Advantages of Rare Gold Coins US Rare gold coins offer many advantages for their owners—a combination of advantages that almost no other asset can match. Before we explain the advantages of owning rare gold coins, we first need to define…

Common Date Numismatic Gold Coins

In the world of numismatic coins, aka rare gold coins, value is partially determined by rarity.  Rarity is typically described by number of coins known to exist in each grade.  It is where rarity and quality intersect that determines value. …

Rare Gold Coins, do I Need to be a Collector to Own Them?

Rare gold coins values are determined by multiple factors, which mainly include gold content, quality (level on grading scale), rarity, supply and demand.  Because quality and rarity factors are involved many people believe that they have to be collectors in…

Gold Price Correction

Gold is down for the second day in a row.  As of this writing the gold spot price on the Comex is $1,181.10.  That is down from an all-time intra-day high of $1,265 posted a month ago.  Gold is trading…

What is the Value of a 1904 Liberty $20 Gold Coin?

The $20 Liberty Head was the largest denomination ever minted when it was released to the public in 1850.  It was designed by James B. Longacre and it contains 90% gold and 10% copper and contains .9675 ounces of gold. …

Performance of Bullion and Numismatic Coins

No one can deny that we are currently experiencing a gold bull market.  The spot price of gold has been increasing for the past nine years.  It came off a low of $272 per ounce in 2001 to where it…

Types of US Mint Gold Coins

When people talk about types of gold coins, the word “type” can have a wide range of meanings. It may mean a U.S. coin or a foreign gold coin, or a rare gold coin versus a bullion coin. Or they…

Common Date Gold Coins

Common date gold coins are also referred to as Generic gold coins. This is due to the quantity of coins that exist in the market place. These coins are readily available and are traded as like-kind units instead of as…

Sight-Seen vs. Sight-Unseen

When acquiring rare gold coins it is important to understand the difference between sight-seen and sight-unseen coins.  If a dealer attends a coin auction and fifty 1903P $20 Liberties in MS63 are up for sale, a dealer may make a…


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