“You can’t eat gold.” That is a common phrase and argument that you will hear out of gold naysayers. Perhaps it is one that has been programmed into them. On it’s face the statement is quite true. In reality, the argument is quite ridiculous, but it makes a good segue. You can’t eat gold. You can’t drive gold either. However, some vehicles cost much more to own than others. Great cars that cost relatively little to own and drive for a span of time might be seen as solid gold cars.

After all, haven’t you ever owned a car that always seemed to break down and cost tons of money to repair? Saving money can be just as important as making money. ITM Trading understands this. So, following in this short article is a list of solid gold cars that are fun to drive and own but also retain their value very well and are relatively inexpensive to maintain and repair. Relatively being a keyword in the last sentence.

By the way, you can eat a cantaloupe, but you can’t spend a cantaloupe, and cantaloupes don’t store well in a safe for long periods of time, either. Touche.

Solid Gold Cars : 1990 – 2005 Acura NSX.

The 1990 – 2005 Acura NSX makes this short list for a variety of reasons. First, the car is beautiful. The lines are still relevant and fresh, and the all aluminum body means there are no rust issues to contend with. The Honda six-cylinder engines that are mounted mid-ship in these cars is nearly bulletproof. And, if need be, your local Honda dealer can service the vehicle. Parts, being Honda parts, are easily obtained and not obnoxiously priced. In addition, these vehicles tend to hold their value, or even appreciate in value, when very well taken care of.

Solid Gold Cars
A 1991 Acura NSX.

Since the Acura NSX was mass produced for a relatively long period of time, finding a clean example under $30,000 is quite do-able. Insurance and fuel costs are actually quite reasonable as well. While the Acura NSX may not be the average daily driver vehicle, those that drive the Acura NSX are not your average daily drivers, themselves.

Solid Gold Cars : The BMW M3.

The BMW M3 also derives it’s substantial power from a six-cylinder engine, although unlike the Acura NSX the BMW can accommodate more than just two adults and a gym bag. The BMW M3 is also available in a saloon (four-door) or convertible configuration if you so desire.

The BMW M3 offers everyday driveability with a bit more anonymity than the Acura provides, also. But don’t let the BMW’s more sedate looks deceive you. The 2003 BMW M3 6-speed manual coupe posted a 0-60 time of 4.8 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 155 MPH. A similarly equipped NSX would finish behind the BMW in the 0-60 MPH race, requiring 5.0 seconds. Perhaps the slippery shape of the NSX pays off in the 1/4 mile race, however. The BMW finishes in 13.6 seconds at 105 MPH, while the Acura takes only 13.1 seconds to cover the same distance with a final velocity of 109 MPH.

Solid Gold Cars
A 2003 BMW M3 Convertible. Silver Coins and Bars.

The BMW M3 has been produced in different iterations beginning in 1985. And until 2013, the two door version of this car was called the M3. Since mid-2013, the two-door is known as the M4, while the saloon version is still known as the M3. BMW can be kind of confusing that way.

Since so many different types of M3’s were produced over such a long span of time, they are relatively easy to find and affordable for many budgets. BMW’s are not known for being bulletproof or easy to work on, but BMW owners are known to be a meticulous bunch, which means many fine examples still exist. Expect to spend $15,000 to $50,000 and up, depending on age and condition.

Solid Gold Cars : The Dodge Viper.

Who knew a Viper could make this list of solid gold cars. The Viper does, but perhaps because it is so different than most cars. The Viper is a two-seater, like the NSX, and it comes in red, like the NSX and the BMW M3, but that is really where the comparisons stop making sense.

The Viper is American performance. The Viper has almost as many cylinders (10) as the Acura and BMW combined (12). To compare similar top speeds, the 2003 BMW has an electronically limited top end of 155. The 2002 Acura NSX, in comparison, tops out at 175 drag limited. The 2003 Viper SRT10 has a terminal velocity of 192 MPH, thanks in part to the fact that there is 500 horsepower packed under that long hood.

Solid Gold Cars

2003 Dodge Viper SRT10 1/4 Mile Time: 11.77 seconds at 123.68 MPH.

More Viper Stats.

In case you are wondering, while the BMW M3 and Acura NSX are jockeying over 0.2 seconds with respective 0-60 MPH times of 4.8 seconds and 5.0 seconds, the Dodge Viper is parked under a tree dining on the lunches of the imported cars, American style. The Dodge Viper turns in a 0-60 MPH time of 3.9 seconds.

The Dodge can be worked on by a weekend mechanic or car enthusiast. Parts are plentiful, though some of the performance parts can be a bit expensive. Insurance and gas costs can be high, however, depending on your driving habits.

The Viper began production in 1992 and was built in varying numbers until 2010. Then, in 2012 the Viper again entered production after Chrysler and Fiat agreed to continue developing the vehicle. The initial relatively low cost of the first Vipers coupled with time and depreciation mean that a Viper can be had on the cheap.

A current production run means that those with more money can get a newer Viper with the newest technology. Expect to spend anywhere from $10,000 (for a project car) to $75,000 for a late model low mileage model.

Solid Gold Cars : Buy Gold Coins At ITM Trading.

Part of having money to invest means being able to save money. In the end, a very good car can cost less than a very bad car.  You just need to know how to tell the difference and how to shop. Making wise purchases, especially on big ticket items, can allow you to more easily purchase gold and silver coins and add to your precious metals portfolio.

Solid Gold Cars
The Porsche 928 Cars Were Notorious For Needing Expensive Water Pumps. Often.

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