Not often do I find a very well put together and thought out financial interview and accompanying article, but this morning I did, and I want to share it with you. Maybe you have heard of Robert Kiyosaki. Maybe you have read his books. In case you don’t have time to read this article or watch his interview, let me sum it up for you. Rich dads own gold, poor dads own jobs.

Perhaps another way to look at it is that poor people are owned by their jobs. The costs of day to day living and communal thinking are just too high to allow for freedom and independence. Owning gold can actually help solve this problem.

Rich Dads Own Gold
Robert Kiyosaki Is Well Known For His Series Of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Books.

I actually had the chance to meet Mr. Kiyosaki, but I will get to that in a minute because there is a little personal story that helps illustrate the point I am trying to make here. Before I worked for ITM Trading as a senior analyst and a then later as a manager, I worked in the fine dining and five-star hotel industries, primarily in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This led to some amazing opportunities. I waited on David Crosby when I was in high school. He stiffed me on the tip. He asked for special favors and I did my best to accommodate him and his lady friend. The only thing I can surmise is that my tip became nil when David became angry with a fan that approached his table for an autograph. In any event, I still enjoy his music very much, and I imagine that perhaps David and his new liver are more peaceful and forgiving these days.

Rich Dads Own Gold : From Crosby to Kiyosaki.

After Crosby, I had the good fortune to meet several other celebrities. Being that I really like music, I find musicians fun to meet. I waited on Stevie Nicks a few times while I was in college. She still lives near Scottsdale. Stevie is way cool. So is Miriam Sturm. Stevie, you have probably heard of, Sturm you probably have not, but I guarantee you have heard her music. Miriam Sturm has played violin next to John Mellencamp for decades. You can probably hear her soaring melodies in your mind right now if you try.

I met Miriam when I worked at the Phoenician Resort. The band was playing a concert later that night and they all had suites at the resort. I recognized her. I was not really supposed to have uninvited personal conversations with guests, but this time, I bent the rule. I love violin and I studied it very unsuccessfully for years. Miriam is my favorite violinist.

Rich Dads Own Gold

Violinist Miriam Sturm And Rocker John Mellencamp.

I asked her if she was indeed Miriam Sturm, and she looked pleased to be recognized. We spent the next twenty minutes talking about music, travel, violins, and how kids used to tease us for carrying cased violins back and forth to school. I have met way more “cool” people than I have time to list in this article, but Miriam is the coolest.

Years before, while also waiting tables in my college years, I spent the better part of an hour discussing jazz and music theory with a single gentleman diner at one of my tables. I gathered that he must be a musician and a jazz musician at that, but he was definitely not pretentious or boastful. In fact, he seemed very genuine and interested in my musical views and tastes. I am guessing that there was probably at least a thirty year age difference.

When I presented his dinner bill, he paid with an American Express card. The card read Donald Fagen. You may know the name, you may not. I am such a music nerd that I recognized the name as the author of articles about audio and music reproduction that I used to read, so I checked a little further into it. Donald Fagen is also known as half of Steely Dan. The man I was talking to knew his music. And his Scotch whiskey.

Donald Fagen Is Half Of The Sonic Duo Steely Dan.

After Fagen, I met Demi Moore, Nikki Taylor, Evander Holyfield, and Mike Tyson to name a few more recognizable celebrities. They were all very, very nice. I have met a few that are not, but that is a different article. The celebrities above tend to get noticed and draw attention wherever they go. Usually, they have people to keep other people away and at a comfortable distance from them. Maybe if David Crosby had such people I would be twenty dollars richer today.

Rich Dads Own Gold : Kiyosaki And Roy’s.

By the time I met Mr. Kiyosaki, I was working as a manager at Roy’s in Scottsdale. Roy Yamaguchi is kind of like Robert Kiyosaki, if you don’t know his work, you should. Roy has some great restaurants, especially in Hawaii.

Rich Dads Own Gold
Roy Yamaguchi Is Also A Self-Made Man Doing Business In Hawaii.

What I first noticed about Mr. Kiyosaki, was the amount of people that would stop by his table to shake his hand or say hi. A couple of restaurant guests also asked him for an autograph. Since he seemed to be happy to oblige, I figured everything was fine, and it was. I kept watching.

The other restaurant manager, who is not only a great friend of mine, and happens to be from Hawaii, came over and asked me a question. “Do you know who that is?” I had no Idea. Robert is a big man, and he has a certain island look to him that is unique, but I did not recognize him from anywhere.

My friend Jason said, “That’s Robert Kiyosaki, he writes the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad books.” I still had no recollection or understanding. Jason continued, “He is from Hawaii. His real dad had a job and a house and an education and was broke. His other father, which was really a friend’s father, had no such education or job but was financially thriving. Robert figured it out and writes books about it.”

Rich Dads Own Gold.

Rich Dads Own Gold.

I had never met a financial celebrity before. If you are not familiar with Scottsdale, Arizona, it is a wealthy and chic part of the state. Scottsdale is full of entrepreneurs, business people, and investors. Robert Kiyosaki was more recognizable and drew a bigger crowd in Scottsdale than Stevie Nicks, Demi Moore, Donald Fagen, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Nicki Taylor could have combined. Quite honestly, I imagine his work has changed more lives, as well.

Unlike the Phoenician Resort, my position at Roy’s demanded that I talk to each guest personally and inquire about their experience. My conversation with Mr. Kiyosaki was not nearly as long as my conversations with Ms. Sturm or Mr. Fagen, however. Meeting him did prompt me to pick up his books a little later in life.

Reading his books not only changed the way I handled my own finances, it changed the way I handled the finances of those I worked for, and that made a really big difference. Handling your money wisely will save you money quickly, handling the money of others wisely will tend to help make you money quickly.

Rich Dads Own Gold

Rich Dads Own Gold.

Robert’s followers are devoted to him, and he is devoted to them. This is how it works with contrarians, they stick together. They have to, everyone says they are nuts for not sharing the common beliefs of the majority.

Rich Dads Own Gold : The Interview And Article.

The interview and article that led me to remember Robert and inspired me to write this blog article can be seen and read by following this link. I suggest you take few moments and experience what Robert Kiyosaki is trying to convey. The messages are important, and Mr. Kiyosaki is a talented speaker. Otherwise, the following is a summary of just some of the most salient points made.

Kiyosaki begins the interview by reiterating a point he has made many times; the rich don’t work for money. The rich have a different mindset than most. Kiyosaki says that most of us are taught from the beginning to get an education in order to get a job in order to work for money. Furthermore, once you get that job you are taught to acquire debt (disguised as assets) and to “invest” your savings in uncertain markets that you don’t understand.

If his point sounds keen at all when I repeat it, you should hear him make it. Kiyosaki goes on to say:

“If you went to school and got a job, and you’re saving money and investing in the stock market today, you’re going to lose.”

Robert does not mince words when it comes to truth, and this fact can make him hard to like if you are married to your ideas of conformity and community investing. Community investing is participating in a financial plan that involves the investments and good performance of others in order to succeed and return a profit.

Rich Dads Own Gold

 Rich Dads Own Gold.

Gold and silver are not community investments. Gold and silver are hard currencies that also trade as commodities because they have very important uses in production. Gold and silver are much more stable and much less vulnerable than unsecured communal investments. This is why Kiyosaki owns gold and silver, and suggests that you do, too.

Rich Dads Own Gold : American History.

Kiyosaki has a way of looking at everything a little differently than most. Perhaps he is just keen at not only being able to see the big picture; he can profit from his vision and understanding handsomely. Some have this gift. Robert has this to say about the last forty years in America:

“The rich don’t work for money. And, one of the reasons for that is money is no longer money. One of the reasons for that is in 1971, President Nixon took the U.S. Dollar off the gold standard and basically screwed the world. It’s bad for the poor and middle class.”

Further in the article, Kiyosaki is quoted as saying that he works for assets, not money, just as the rich do. Assets that generate money are more prized than just money.

Kiyosaki also laments that the current education system is designed to produce employees rather than entrepreneurs, free thinkers, and problem solvers. He sees this trend as being very negative in the long term. A better solution, he offers, is to ask yourself “What would I do for free, what problems do I want to solve?” Find a way to go solve it, and success will follow.

Rich Dads Own Gold
Rich Dads Own Gold.

In addition, accounting and bookkeeping are extremely important. The numbers tell the story and the truth. If you don’t understand the numbers, you can’t tell when someone is lying to you. Take bookkeeping and accounting classes.

Rich Dads Own Gold : Tough Truth.

As I said earlier, one of my very best friends is from Hawaii. Hawaiians don’t mince words, and they tell you the truth, perhaps that is why we get along so well. Hawaiians will also tell you exactly how they feel. If words don’t speak loud enough, some Hawaiians are known to throw rocks in order to make a point. Rocks can make a serious point. In his interview, Kiyosaki throws some verbal rocks, and he throws them hard enough that they might leave a bruise.

“Don’t just look for money and a high-paying job. That’s selling yourself like a whore…Everybody is born an entrepreneur. I never met a child not interested in money, but the system beats it out of you.

Take a job for what you want to learn. What life skills do I want to accomplish? How am I going to get those life skills? If you’re going to be dangled by a paycheck, you’re a whore. That’s really what you are.”

Rich Dads Own Gold : Gold As A Hedge.

Kiyosaki also does not see gold as an investment, he sees gold as a hedge. Currently, Kiyosaki sees troubled times ahead for the American economy and the US dollar. Robert expresses his views in a quote below.Owning gold can help hedge against economic uncertainties.

“We’re on the edge of a cliff right now. We have never been here before. If you’re still saving money when interest rates are negative, you’ve got to be crazy. When you’re investing for the long-term in the stock market, where there is no connection between stock price and reality, you’re crazy.”

Rich Dads Own Gold : ITM Trading Makes Owning Gold Easy.

ITM Trading understands gold’s role as a hedge, as well as the other roles gold and silver can play in a diversified financial portfolio. ITM Trading also has professionals on staff that probably understand your investments better than you do. ITM Trading understands the numbers. If you are fearful that this might possibly be the case, then you need to call ITM Trading. In closing, here is one last quote from the article:

“That’s how you learn, it’s in the numbers. If you can’t read the numbers, you don’t know what’s going on. It’s not that hard to get ahead quickly because most people highly educated, with good grades, have no financial education.”

Rich Dads Own Gold
Rich Dads Own Gold.