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Rich Class, Poor Class – They Have Killed the Middle and Now Want America Dead: Robert Kiyosaki

The Daniela Cambone Show Nov 17, 2023

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, sits down with Daniela Cambone for the first time on the ITM Trading channel! In this interview he reveals secrets to his success, shares his view of government policies, and why he thinks entrepreneurship and financial education are so important.


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This is Daniela Cambone for the Daniela Cambone show now on ITM Trading. What a change. And I thought what a way to start this brand new chapter in my, in my career that to sit down with my good and long time friend, Robert Kiyosaki. Thank you, Robert, for inviting us into your home. I am so proud of you. So thank you. Wow. It’s been a love affair for years. Love affair for years. And this is just, just so wonderful because,

obviously I want to talk about the turmoil that we’re seeing in the markets. I mean, people are just so frightened with everything going on. You know, what do I do with my money? But most importantly, I really want to talk to you about life today. I mean, here we are, are your magnificent property. But just off, when we were chatting offline, you were saying, you used to drive by here when you couldn’t afford to live here saying, that’s where you manifesting it back then.

Well, when you have nothing, you can do whatever you can. This is called the Biltmore Circle. And in Arizona and Phoenix, the circle is it. So my wife Kim and I would drive past it. We’d go, that’s our house, that’s our house, that’s our house, or that’s for me. There was a guy named Reverend Ike. He’s a black evangelist. He’d always say, that’s for me. He’d say, you can’t lose with the stuff I use. And so Reverend Ike, I just loved.

So Kim and I would drive past this place together. That’s for me. And one day a first sales sign came up.

and it was put up or shut up. And we still had no money, but we took a run at this place. But you did it anyways. Yeah. I love that. 25, 27 years ago now. I wanted to share something with you today. I think it’s, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this. When I was in my 20s and I was starting this path that I’m on now, you were one of the first people I interviewed. Wow.

I remember you were telling me the school system is awful. You know, and here I was right out of the school system almost and a lover of the system. I’m thinking it wasn’t resonating with me what you were saying at the time. I was like, why does Robert hate school so much? Not school per se, but what they’re teaching. And today, I’m not gonna say how many years later.

I finally understand what you were trying to teach me then.

It goes back to the story of Rich Dad Poor Dad. My poor dad was a PhD, Stanford Northwestern University of Chicago. Poor is a church mouse. And I couldn’t understand that. Why does he stay in school if he’s poor? And he kept saying, if you study hard, somebody would be rich. I said, Dad, all you do is study. You’re still poor. And the question is, why don’t our schools teach us about money?

And so Rich Dad was a man who never went to school. And of course, he is running a little store. His father died and he took over at 13. So Rich Dad grew up in the real world. And so today, so Rich Dad started teaching his son and me when we’re 10 years old. And he taught us playing Monopoly. You know, four greenhouses, 1031 text, free exchange into a red hotel.

So I’m playing Monopoly with him, I’m ten years old. By the time I was twelve, Rich Dad said to me, it’s time for you to go collect rent. Collect rent. I said, how’s that part of my education? Let’s go collect rent. So I go knocking on doors as a kid. I never heard such bullshit my whole life. And so I came back to Rich Dad’s office, this is in Hawaii. And I said, he said,

My rich dad says, what did you learn? I said, the same words the renters who weren’t paying, only people who were late in paying their rent was knocking on the doors. The same words they use, my poor dad uses. You rich are crooks, you gotta take advantage of us. Can’t you see I have no money? I’m a poor man and all this. And I said, the poor who don’t pay their rent sound like my dad. And rich dad says, that’s the last one.

I’m not really religious, he said, but from the Bible. And the word becomes flesh. And ever since then, going back to this house, I never say I can’t afford it.

He said, poor people say I can’t afford it more than rich people. And when rich people say, how can I afford it? And so when Kim and I are right around this place, we’ve got, that’s for me. Yes. And that’s for me. We never said we couldn’t afford it. That’s another lesson that you taught me that I’ve always taken with me. Do not say, oh, you see a nice Ferrari. Don’t say, oh, I can’t afford that, right? Yeah, it’s a poor man’s words. But getting back to the school, right, education, because I think about this a lot, especially now.

that I have young kids and it’s not that I don’t want them to go to college one day. Of course I want them to, but not for traditional reasons because I think, you know, what you were, message that you were delivering is that.

Well, not only are they not teaching you about money and actual things we need to know about life, they’re not teaching about taxes, that’s for sure. But they also box you in, Robert. Oh, you’re good in math? Okay, you could go to pre-med. Oh, you’re good in poli sci? Okay, you could be a political journal. They box you in, right? It’s like you can’t find your own path. You’re taking these tests, like what aptitude tests or this is what you should do for your career. It’s just all nonsense.

I don’t think I can count on one hand the number of remarkable teachers. I had a few, but most teachers were quite bad, right? Were quite bad. What I did take away from school was the network, my friendships. Correct. Right? So there is some value to school, would you not agree? Well, there’s nothing more important than education. Nothing. But that’s when in 1965, I read this book here.

So 19, oh, ironically, what do I flunk out of school for? Writing. Ha ha ha ha, exactly. I can’t write. So they would have said, never become an author. Yeah. And here you are, where is it? Well, anyway. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, right? Yeah, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I mean, New York Times bestseller. 25 years, it’s still number one in the world. But don’t become a writer. You say, I can’t write. Right. So anyway, I go to school in New York, on Long Island.

And my economics teacher says, this is the first book you’ll read. I thought that was interesting, you know, as a military school. And then I realized my family are Marxists. They’re not bad people, please hear me. They believe in taxation. They believe in the rich are evil. You know, Marx was against the capitalist because he thought they stole from the working people and all this stuff.

So this book changed my life too. I went, wow. Because what he says is that communism would take over America in two stages. Stage one was 1930, when Columbia University hired teachers from Hitler’s regime or from communism in Germany to teach at Columbia University’s Teachers College. That was step one. Stage two was when.

My friend here, Donald Trump, lost the election due to ballot boxes. And as Stalin said, it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes. And Danielle, the saddest thing about today, this is November 2023, I don’t trust the elections. Carrie Lake, who ran for governor of Arizona, they had all kinds of election fraud here.

So that’s my concern, is if our entire system is permeated by Marxist schools, what chance do we have as a free country? I mean, are you hopeful that there will ever be a change in the system? It’s systemic. It’s like our blood. Right. It’s our thoughts.

Remember, and the word became flesh. And when Rich Dad said to me, he said, poor people say those words, they don’t even know they’re saying them. I can’t be rich, or you rich, or crooks, or you steal from us. Their words reflect their insight. And going back to one more character, is I learned at the academy, in Kings Point in New York, octa non verba, watch what a person does.

not what they say. So what was Biden’s first act? He cut the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. I’m an oil guy. I went to King’s Point. I drove tankers for Standard Oil. That was my background. The moment he cut the pipeline, that was his first act. And I’m selling oil. I’m an oil guy. Oil went from $30 a barrel to $130 a barrel. This is in 2020.

I said, he’s going to kill the middle class. Biden, the greenies, the conservative greenies, whatever they call them, they’re trying to kill America by getting inflation to go high. So we have two classes now, rich and poor. So watch what a person does. That was Biden’s first act. Second act, take down the wall that Trump put up. And so Biden says, um.

Watch what they do, not what they say, especially at this time. And so then Powell is raising interest rates. It’s crushing all the prices. And if it’s just, as Trump is saying, drill will baby drill. If we drilled, inflation would come down. But they’re playing games with interest rates.

And people can’t afford to buy a house, and homelessness goes up. And then when the people come across the border, because Biden took the wall down, they’re selling fentanyl. Watch what they do. I’m not Republican or Democrat.

watch what they do. Akhtak nan verba, these not words. I mean, on the note of the homelessness issue, I mean, you had been sounding the alarm on that at least for the past three years, Robert. And now, look, I mean, I know you said when you walked downtown Phoenix or even just the outskirts of New York City, I mean, New York City, forget it. I mean, you can’t even go in your Times Square anymore. I mean, the lines of migrants. I mean, I just, I can’t see how we’re gonna resolve this, Robert. And I said, let me ask another question. Yeah.

defunding the police. Do you know what I mean? They’re all related, systemic. I have an apartment house in Portland, Oregon. The police department left the homelessness camp all around my apartment house. My tenants left. Why are they doing this? It’s not Republican, Democrat, Liberal, or Conservative. What are they doing? How did this happen to America?

I don’t know. You know what I love about what you do and what I hope my show does is you know educating people right about about sound money. And I want to get back to your point about do do as they do. Octa nonverbal watch what they do. Watch what they do not what they say. And I want to get back to that point. When it comes to central banks, right? Because I know at the heart of a lot of your teachings is this right here. Yeah. Golt and I want you to tell us about this.

So central banks never speak about gold, right? Wall Street doesn’t speak about gold, yet they’ve been buying gold at a record pace for now 11 consecutive months. Right. Why? I think they’re the problem. Central bank is Marxist, control the centralized banking system. And that’s why Bitcoin popped up. Bitcoin is capitalist. They don’t wanna be a part of the Marxist system here.

But they’re buying gold right now because they’re in trouble. And when I recommend gold, it’s really simple. How high is our debt? We put on more debt in a year than it took the first 200 years. And how America solves its problems now is we print more money, we drop interest rates, and the debt goes higher. Now, I don’t know how many trillions is interest rates payments.

So I’m not really smart, I wasn’t good at math either. But I do know, no I do know, you can’t keep getting into debt and paying for it with fake money. You know what I mean, we’re crushing the world. So that’s why I’ve been a gold and silver bucket. Well I see, you’re very vocal on Twitter and you’ve been saying it, that only gold.

You like Bitcoin as well. You’re one of the rare breeds that you like gold. You like Bitcoin for you. It’s sound money. Right. That’s when the people said, what do you teach kids? I said, you start with money. This is my biggest concern, Daniella. It’s in the last few years, like what this book said here, 1930, Columbia University invited Marxists from Germany to teach at the Columbia Teachers College and communism spread.

So when I was in New York City in the 60s, Columbia University was rioting. And then, you know, California system started to rioting. The hippies, you know, the love children, the love peace generation, those guys, they’re not running the show, like Nancy Pelosi and all those characters. They’re hardcore communists. They’re hard, but they don’t know it, because they never read this book here. And so America’s in serious trouble. So the way you defend yourself is with money.

What happened in 74, Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard in 71, everybody knows that. 74, they started ERISA. ERISA was the first time my generation, any generation, had what’s called defined contribution pension. That’s a 401k in IRA. My generation has no retirement. Eighty million of us. So that’s going to be the next crisis hitting us, as we have no pens.

We have no retirement for all the old guys like me. It terrifies me. So the question is why don’t we have, why don’t we teach money at school? And what money is, is gold or silver, period. You love physical gold, right? There it is. I care. And silver. Here’s a silver buff. Yep. This, ladies and gentlemen.

November 2023, best investment of all. It’s 60% office all time high. This, I tell people everywhere, buy one of these. They’d rather have this. Well, I know you say, but don’t you think people are catching on? I mean, we see sales, you know, just rising. I think people are catching on to the notion of buy gold, buy silver.

Not enough? No.

I always ask, you know, you know, chatting before this whole thing started, all these gold experts and silver experts, how much gold do they own? Do you know what I mean? It’s easy to say, yeah, I recommend gold, I recommend silver. But I think I have more than they do. Because I’ve been buying silver. This here is a 1964 silver.

Kennedy, his 50 cents in 64, today it’s worth $10. So 64 was the first year, 71 was the second when it took the dollar off the gold standard. How many of these experts on all these YouTube channels have gold or silver? That’s my question. This is my gold mine. Yeah, so you have a mine now. I own the gold mine, and I’ve had two now.

My first gold mine I took public on Toronto Stock Exchange 2004. The trouble was the gold mine was in China. I guess who owns it today? China. That’s called country risk. So I found the definition of country risk. Don’t do business in China. You know what I mean? So this mine isn’t in the States, right? Yeah, this is in Utah. In Utah. And this is the best story about this. The Trixie mine.

was Marin Katusa, he was Canadian. Canadians are the best miners in the world. The Vancouver resource. I love Vancouver. But what they did was they went into his old mine in Utah. They used artificial intelligence. They took the old miners log books, you know, the guys with the little burros and 1800-gram like this. So Marin and his team took the logs, applied AI to it.

And they went, oh my god, the old miners in the 1850s missed the vein. So they went in due to AI and old technology and applied with new technology, and they found the richest gold mine in America. I can’t believe it. So I am today one of the biggest, all my gold and silver is kept in Switzerland, except for this stuff here.

because I don’t really know about 1933 again. But anyway, gold and silver on money, period. This is toilet paper.

And every day people save this stuff, and inflation is running at about 7% or something.

Why do people save this? Because the education system says this is money. Of course. Why did our education teach us that this is money? And this is money for thousands of years. But our education system is complicit in teaching us to work for this. Let’s talk about.

the dollar because obviously I’ve had experts on saying it’s you know we’re at the end of the dollar others are arguing the US dollar is not going away anytime soon that we’ve heard this narrative since 1951 but if we look at the rise of the BRICS nations right the misfit nations as many people would say

What do you make of that? Do you think it’s a lot of talk, you know, that they’re planning some sort of gold back currency? Or do you think that the more countries that are being added, I mean, 40 other countries want to now join, I mean, at one point, I mean, their GDP is already way bigger than that of the United States cumulatively. I mean, don’t you think they could be a force to be reckoned with? They are. I mean, look who just joined them. I think Saudi, Nigeria and all that. Oil countries.

You see, oil is the real thing. If we don’t have oil, because I went to King’s Point, I drove tankers for Standard Oil, oil drives civilization. So when Biden, that criminal, cut the Keystone pipeline, oil went from 30 to 130. I knew exactly what he’s doing. He wants to rip the middle class and take them out. That’s my concern.

If the President of the United States is doing it, and he knows what he’s doing, that’s what’s terrifying. What’s the benefit? What’s he looking to…why? Well, he’s a puppet, you know. Question who’s pulling the strings. Right. So when Janet Yellen comes out, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and says, the U.S. economy is strong, is she flat out lying to the public, Robert? It’s her opinion.

The question is, ask the American public, can you afford a house today? What’s the generation behind you? They’re in even more trouble. The number one asset of America is student loan debt. We’re now the biggest debtor nation in the world. And who was the president that made student loan debt popular? Barack Hussein Obama.

You know, what are they doing? They know what they’re doing, Daniella. They’re not stupid people. They know what they’re doing. When Biden cut the pipeline, he knew what he was doing. I wanna pick your brain on this, on the housing market now, because obviously much of your fortune you made in real estate, right? Do you see opportunity in the housing market now, or are you?

you know, with a 10-foot pole, like, stay away. Again, the problem is energy, oil, and stuff like this. But there’s always opportunity. Today, I, with my partner, Ken McElroy, we’re buying billboards. So we shifted off of multifamily. And we’re going to billboards. So it’s a real estate play. But it’s not really real estate. This is what people don’t understand about me. This became an instrument of debt.

In 1971 when Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard, what replaced this gold was the U.S. bond. Treasury bills, treasury bonds. And what’s happening to bills and bonds right now? They’re crashing. So the whole foundation is built on this stuff and it’s crashing. That’s what terrifies me. I’m going…

What’s going to happen now? What happens when the bond market goes down? And I think that’s what Frank Giustro is talking about also. Absolutely, yes, exactly. We’re looking at this is toilet paper. So the whole economy is based upon this. Fentanyl is streaming across the borders thanks to Biden. Why? Why are we doing this to ourselves?

I know you held up the book, you co-authored it with your good friend, President Donald Trump. So, speaking about the elections, I mean, are you, a lot of people, I’m sure you’ve seen it on social media, especially feeling like he may be the only salvation right now. Are you hopeful he’ll come back into office? It’s more than hopeful. I’m proactive, you know what I mean?

So I’m pitching a deal with the two sons, Don Jr. and Eric. It’s terrible what the, those- Who you’re good friends with. Yeah, well, I go hunting with the two boys. They’re great young men, you know? And so it’s not about hopefulness, what am I doing about it? I’m a US Marine. You know, it’s deeds, not words. We just do things.

So we’re going back on the road and we’re going to be, so Don, Junior, Eric and I, we’re putting together a possibly not been signed yet, a road show speaking on education. What you and I are talking about is education today. Why don’t we teach this to kids? You see, until we get rid of the marks of school teachers.

were finished. And I shared this story with Lynette Zhang when she interviewed me last week. I said I’ll have people watching the show who are multi-millionaires, like I had one gentleman come up to me thanking me for the show because he had all these millions but kept losing it in the banking system and equities and he kept remaking the millions and he’s an entrepreneur. He didn’t know about this. Or

that you could preserve your wealth in other ways outside of the system. And I thought of you when you told me that story. And Lynette Zang is one smart cookie. She knows her coins. She knows a numismatic also.

So people are at a loss, right? They don’t, you know, even those who have made money don’t even know where to be investing it because maybe they weren’t taught it at home, they weren’t taught it, you know, taught this in the schools. Now that’s why I wanted you to share with me this story, with us, this story, about you once worked at Xerox, is that correct? Correct. And you say the day your final paycheck was the worst but best day of your life. Can you share?

Why? Well, I want to be an entrepreneur, you know.

It was, it took everything. Job security is important, as we all know. And financial security is even more important. So that’s why when I took my last paycheck, I said, I’m free. But I was Wiley Coyote, you know. And I went broke twice. I know what it feels like. My wife Kim and I, we had nothing. Now we’re okay, you know.

That’s what America’s about. We have a chance. That’s true. And I think out of this horrible situation we’re in, there’s going to be more opportunity. But like I said, this mine here was discovered by going through old records, using AI to find a new vein. And that’s going to be a metaphor for everybody. Do you think America’s still, you know, when you go down a list of what makes America great?

the opportunity, right? That was always there. That if you had a dream, you could really make it here. Do you think that still is true today? I’d like to think so, yes. But not, but until we change our school system. Please hear me. That’s the problem. That’s exactly what he said here. I get it. Years later, I get it. I get what you were trying to teach me.

then sometimes it takes a little longer. I think the saddest thing, Danielle, in 1965 I read this book, right? I go to school in New York on Long Island and they send you to sea. So for one year I had to sail to get my, as part of the academy thing. So I sail in 1966 in San Francisco to Cam Ranh Bay. In 1966 I’m sitting here in Vietnam on the beach. The war is going on. I go.

what’s a communist? So I go and I sit at this bar, I asked the bartender, I said, where’s the Viet Cong? I said, oh those two guys over there are Viet Cong. I’m going, they’re in Viet Cong? That’s my education. It was on the front line. So I sit down with these two guys from about the same age, we’re like, and we’re doing our best to communicate, you know, this.

And the saddest thing, Danielle, only part of it was saying, I’ll be back. Wow. I’ll be back. So that was 66. 72 was flying the gunship into them. I killed a lot of them. And we were all friends. But they shot, we shot. You know, so I was flying off a carrier in South China Sea. And I still think about those two guys. I hope I didn’t shoot them. But we killed a lot of people. For what?

And then to come back in 73, one year tour, January 10th. The first time I get off the plane at Northern Air Force Base, just north of San Francisco, I get hit with rotten eggs from the hippies. And I swear to God, Nancy Pelosi was one of them. I’m only kidding, you know. But our hippies of the 70s are our leaders today. The love children of the 70s.

are leading us today, education, businesses, and all that. That’s the problem. Yeah.

And yet, yeah, no, I mean, this is such a big statement because here we are with geopolitical tensions. I mean, we’re in a state of war, right? People are talking about World War III. And not to get political, Robert, but what’s your take on war overall? Is it ever necessary?

It’s indicative when our money goes bad, war always follows. Remember there was a treaty of Versailles after World War I, led to World War II. Nixon, I mean not Nixon, but Hitler came to power because of hyperinflation. And then he took Germany to war, millions died and all this. So when money is a problem, money is fake, should we say, war follows. That’s what I’m afraid of.

I don’t know if the men of America are men anymore. They’re all TikTok dancers, you know? Anyway, what happened to the men? That’s my concern.

I was going to ask you what keeps you up at night. Is that, you know, people say is it coming central bank digital currencies? Is it talk of a World War III or? I don’t trust my government. As I said, I don’t buy gold because I’m a gold expert. I buy gold and silver. Because our leaders can’t run the government. Our debt’s going like this. Our monthly payments and our debt’s going like this. We’re bankrupt.

our debt to GDP is 130, we’re bankrupt. So that’s why I say to my friends, you know, this is 2,500 or 2,200. This is the biggest bargain of all. It’s 33 bucks. 60% off its all time high. Remember these were 50 bucks. It’s 30 bucks now. And get it. You know, I’ve read all your books and I think another thing that always remained with me is you say you still have.

the poor dad in you. That all of us have the poor dad voice in us, right? Yes. But you were able to overcome that voice.

So I guess my question is, I mean, you have the entrepreneurial spirit. Do you think it’s something that’s innate that you were just born with? Or is it something that, that can be learned? I mean, all the successful people you’ve met, what do you think’s the common denominator there? Well, the entrepreneur is no big deal because I live in a very affluent neighborhood.

There’s a young lady up the street, she knocks on my door, she says, can I babysit? I said, I don’t have kids. But she’s an entrepreneur. You could send them to my house. Yeah, that’s what I mean. So here she’s a rich kid, but she still wants to be an entrepreneur. Yeah, she’s got the hustle. It’s not that big a deal, you know what I mean? The biggest deal for an entrepreneur are schools teach us to take tests on our own. Like this. And I was cooperative with this.

The number one secret to my success? Yeah. A smart team. Smart team. Yeah. Best accountants, best attorneys, real estate guys and all this, oil guys, gas guys, gold guys. But in school, that’s called cheating. If you can get that one.

Everything they teach you in school, like don’t make mistakes. Well, how do you learn if you don’t make a stupid mistake? You know, so I was stupid all the way through school, but I have a lot of money because I’m willing to make mistakes. Professors don’t make mistakes, and they teach that to our kids. Last year, 39 professors came after me for teaching capitalism at Arizona State. I was teaching capitalism.

I was just teaching things like how not to pay taxes, how to use debt as money, why I don’t invest in the stock market. And that’s the professor says, what do you invest in if you don’t invest in the stock market? I said, I’m Japanese. I buy Japanese cattle.

And they go, why? I said, because they’re breeding bulls. They go, what? And so this professor, his mind was blown. He says, why would you buy a breeding bull? I said, because it’s not cash flow, it’s semen flow. I get paid every time that bull comes. They went, you’re teaching that to our kids? That’s what I do. And these guys are so small-minded.

And on top of that, I get tax breaks from the bull. And I get egg breaks. Professors are Marxists. They’re good people. They just don’t know they’re Marxists. As Marx says, a progressive income tax is essential for the spread of communism. And when I was teaching how not to pay taxes, 39 professors attacked. The good news, the Arizona legislature went after the teachers.

So imagine if that Robert from high school could see all that he’s built today. I mean, thank you again for welcoming us into your magnificent property. Thank you. I mean, it’s truly beautiful. I mean, what do you what does Robert do for fun? I’m a hunter. A hunter. You love to hunt. Everything’s politically incorrect. I am. I saw a pizza oven there. I was like, is Robert a chef? No.

No, but I think I’ll try. I’ll do my best for the green. I might buy an EV. And the reason I’m buying an EV is simply because the oil producing nations join in bricks. So I get the message pretty quickly. They want oil to go higher, gasoline to go higher to make America poor. Thank you, Joe Biden. Thank you all, you guys. Is it true you had a bumper sticker on your Ferrari that said, what was it?

Well, F by the way. But I was like, Robert, you put a bumper sticker on the Ferrari. What? He’s a criminal. I hope it came off. Well, I sold the Ferrari. OK. But anyway, it’s, honestly, people with these words, watch what a person does, not what they say.

That’s the most important thing today. And I guess one final note, you love yoga. Or you like staying, I mean, you look fantastic. You stay in shape. That’s important, you do that daily. Yes. Not daily, but. So spiritual, physical, mental. Not only that, since I’m cheap, I hire people to do what I hire, a coach. And since I- Well, that’s not cheap. I know, but.

If I don’t go, I gotta pay. Oh, right, right. So when he rings your doorbell, you gotta work out. I’m tricking myself. Right, right. If I said, I think I’ll go to the gym, I never show up. But if I have an appointment with a coach that’s gonna charge me a hundred bucks, I show up. I love that. So I gotta trick me. I love that. And that’s why the other rule is watch what you say. The word becomes flesh. Only, you gotta, don’t use poor people’s language. I can’t afford it, I can’t do that. The rich are evil.

Well, Robert, I want to thank you because you have taught me personally so many lessons. And like I said, it took me a few years to see the light on some. But thank you because you’ve been a great teacher to me. Thank you. And congratulations. I love your eyes. It’s good. Thank you. And telling that thank you to you. Yes, she’s wonderful. She is one smart woman in gold. Oh, yeah. She’s something. We love her. And we love you, too, Robert. So thank you. Thank you. Congratulations. Thank you. And thank you all for watching. We’ll have more.

Incredible content. I mean, we’re just starting this journey here at ITM Trading So be sure to stay tuned to the Daniela Cambone show. We’ll have more incredible interviews. Thank you for watching

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Gold and Silver Ripping in the Face of Higher Yields, Stronger Dollar

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The Daniela Cambone Show Apr 17, 2024

Gold Price at $24,000? “It’s Not Crazy Talk, People are Scared Stiff”: The Aden Sisters

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The Daniela Cambone Show Apr 15, 2024

A Very Strange Thing is Happening in Gold Right Now, Tsunami About to Hit Says Market Insider

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The Daniela Cambone Show Apr 10, 2024

A Complete “Decimation” of the Financial System is Upon Us; Why This Time It’s Different

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The Daniela Cambone Show Apr 8, 2024

Reset To Happen Drastically Without Warning; I Fear “Dystopian Future” For Grandkids Warns Insider

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The Daniela Cambone Show Apr 5, 2024

“Monumental” Reset Looms, Think Twice Before Keeping Cash in the Banks Warns Swiss Banker

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The Daniela Cambone Show Apr 2, 2024

We’re On the Cusp of Civil War and WW3; “Facing Real Risk,” Warns Pentagon Advisor

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