There are companies and agencies around the world that do little more than collect data and issue opinions. In the financial world, these companies are known as rating services. Moody’s and Dunn & Bradstreet would be examples of these types of companies. Other companies like J.D. Power and Associates specialize in services that help change the image of a company and raise the company’s social appeal. Gold as a reputable investment vehicle has an impeccable record.

Some of the companies that the Reputation Institute ranked as having the best public perception over seven categories and across fifteen countries, are good companies, but are they as good as gold? This report begs the comparison: Reputable Gold Investments Vs. Reputable Companies.

Reputable Gold Investments
The Reputation Institute Releases Reports Ranking Public Perception Rankings.

Before we get too deep into the comparison, I want to take a minute to note that gold as a currency has never defaulted. Conversely, all man made fiat paper currencies have failed, and they tend to do so after about 100 years. Gold has a very well recorded worldwide history as being money for centuries stacked upon centuries. Gold is a tough adversary. Is gold tough enough to take on these big international business behemoths?

Reputable Gold Investments Vs. Reputable Companies: L’Oreal.

L’Oreal ranks at number twenty-four on the list of top 100 companies with the best public perception and reputation in fifteen countries, including the US. L’Oreal is a French company founded in 1909, and apparently women love L’Oreal. L’Oreal is the only company in the survey in the top 25 that is centric to a female clientele. The rest of the top 25 companies range from gender-neutral to decidedly male in the target customer arena.

Reputable Gold Investments : Loreal
L’Oreal is a French Company That Women And Men Alike Have Loved L’Oreal For Decades.

L’Oreal makes cosmetics and hair color, as well as other products. L’Oreal also markets under names like Lancome, The Body Shop, Redken, Bio Therm, and Urban Decay. Together these companies form a conglomerate with current annual sales of over 25 billion Euros. L’Oreal sounds like a tough opponent.

L’ Oreal has had a long-time slogan; “Because you’re worth it.” Women spend a lot of money on cosmetics. But do you know what many women around the world love more than cosmetics? Do you know what women buy for themselves and then want as gifts? Jewelry. The international jewelry market is much bigger than the annual sales of L’Oreal, and women have been wearing gold jewelry since long before L’Oreal ever blended their first face powder, long before.

Reputable Gold Investments : Tiffany Gold Jewelry
Gold Jewelry By Tiffany & Co. Tends To Rise In Value.

Gold jewelry may not be the most efficient way to transfer wealth from paper currency to gold, but it works. Many fine pieces of gold jewelry can even out appreciate the rising price of gold. In the reputable gold, investment vs. L’Oreal, fine gold jewelry outlasts and outsells the cosmetic company.

Reputable Gold Investments Vs. Reputable Companies: Amazon.

Who doesn’t love Amazon? Well, besides the companies like Sears and Best Buy and even Walmart. I suppose the people that used to work in those stores until they closed down may not exactly love Amazon, but Amazon has changed retail sales, and that cannot be denied.

Amazon scores well around the world apparently, because the relatively new company ranks a solid 21 on Reputation Institute scale of well- liked companies. I use Amazon quite often personally, and I think it works like it should, no better and no worse.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of competitors (or-used-to-be competitors) that just want it their way, and treat the customer as a secondary thought. Amazon seems to follow a more customer oriented and common sense approach.

Amazon was founded in 1994 as “Cadabra”. Amazon has been criticized in the past for not turning a profit even though Amazon has staggering sales numbers. Amazon is listed as having a US revenue of over $2.2 billion in 2015, and a net income of just under $600 million for the same year. Amazon does employ over 230,000 people.

reputable Gold Investments : Amazon
Amazon Started Out As “Cadabra”.

Gold has been around a lot longer than 1994. And gold is a necessary component in building the computers and laptops and smartphones, and servers and tablets that make Amazon work in the first place. Without gold, there could be no Amazon, but gold existed quite peacefully and for a long time before was even a registered web address.

Reputable gold investments may include American Gold Eagles or Gold kilo bars. Whichever you choose, please don’t order them through Amazon. Please do your research and buy gold coins and bars from an established and trusted gold dealer like ITM Trading.

Reputable Gold Investments Vs. Reputable Companies: ITM Trading.

ITM Trading was not included in the Reputation Institute study. ITM Trading has earned an A+ rating with another well-known reputation based service: the Better Business Bureau. ITM has a 20-year history of servicing clients and delivering guaranteed physical gold and silver products directly to your home or business address. All deliveries are registered, insured, tracked, and a signature is required upon receipt.

Reputable Gold Investments : Delivered By USPS.
Let The Mail Carrier Bring Precious Metals From ITM Trading To Your Door.

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