Reverse (Back Side) Of A Graded 1857S $20 Gold Coin
Reverse (Back Side) Of A Graded 1857S $20 Gold Coin

Picking up where we left off in part three of “Rare Gold Coin Dealers and Buying Gold Coins Online”, I was noting why Craig Griffin’s vision for ITM Trading was needed to help Americans buy and own gold coins and numismatic gold coins in particular as part of their retirement portfolio. I wrote that until president Nixon took the United States off of the gold standard, the price of gold in the United States was set by the government and rose from $35 an ounce in 1933 to about $42 an ounce in the early 1970’s. Once Nixon ended the gold standard, gold was allowed to trade freely and the price of gold sky-rocketed, and therefore rare gold coins, numismatic gold coins, and gold coins in general, rocketed upwards as well. As you might imagine, this was a good time to invest in gold. Also during this time period, there were few financial products aimed at helping the average American save for retirement because at the time you either had a job with a pension program or you had to rely on Social Security. Few average Americans “played” the stock market, and 401k’s were not invented until the 1980’s.

Why Gold Coins And Numismatic Gold Coins Are A Must For Your Retirement
In the 1970’s you could buy 3 month Treasury Bills that paid interest rates in the teens. In the early ‘80s mutual funds were returning big gains. When I started in the banking industry in 1990, you could open a 9 month CD that paid 7%. But, times change. Today a CD pays under 1 percent and Treasury Bills have abysmal returns as well. The stock market has crashed multiple times, in essence evaporating retirement accounts again and again. Yet, while gold coins and numismatic gold coins have had their ups and downs, the long upward trend is unmistakable. Having a portion of your portfolio diversified in rare gold coins and old gold coins during the last thirty years would have paid off well for you, and owning gold coins provides a security that risky accounts cannot match.

ITM Trading Is Once Again Evolving To Better Serve It’s Clients
As times change, so must ITM Trading. For 18 years, ITM Trading has not accepted credit cards because Craig Griffin did not feel that clients should ever go into debt to purchase gold or silver. He still holds this belief. Craig also believes that anyone who buys rare gold coins, numismatic gold coins, and gold coins in general, should have wise counsel available to them, and that is exactly what the professionals at ITM Trading are there for. ITM Trading is proud to announce that soon, you will be able to begin buying gold coins online through the website. Should you decide to pay for your rare gold coins, old gold coins, or numismatic gold coin with a credit or debit card, that will be an option. Craig believes that times change and businesses must change to better serve their clients. If you would like to further this discussion with an ITM Trading professional, please call us at 1.888.OWN.GOLD, we are here to be of service.