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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Awake 1%: Do you think the reason the stock market is continually shooting higher and higher could be the Federal Reserve manipulating it as far as they possibly can in order to have that much more in the system to “bail in” Americans’ 401(k)s when the crash hits?

Question 2. Gilbert: Gold and silver price crashed after the 2008 collapse of the stock markets. Will history repeat itself this time?

Question 3. Fernando A: Can you please comment on the decision of China to start a Petrol Yuan by the end of 2017? What will happen to the dollar after the Petrol Yuan starts?

Question 4. William R: Can we expect a large sell off of Precious Metals to cover margin calls, when the market crashes? If so should we hold out some funds to jump on this drop in price of Precious metals?

Question 5. Daniel: How do eminent domain laws affect your purchasing of pre 1933 numismatic coins as compared to post 1986 bullion Are laws currently in place now or are you thinking down the road they will create eminent domain laws to confiscate bullion?