11/28/2017 Q&A with Lynette Zang Chief Market Analyst and Eric Griffin President of ITM Trading Inc.

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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. A Fischer: I follow your Q&A sessions on youtube regularly. You have mentioned several times that some central banks buy large amounts of gold every month. I am wondering who sells all that gold to them. Do they buy the gold straight from the mines from “the west”? It can’t be leased gold, right?

Question 2. Ben W: What do you think of Harry Dent’s view that gold will drop to $ 700 in the next deflationary crisis ?  Most traders don’t agree with his view but he does make some interesting points and his insights otherwise seem to be spot on.  I have my own answer but I was curious to hear yours.

Question 3. Bboucharde: When companies (not the corporate officers) buy back their own shares, is that included in insider selling & buying statistics? I am guessing not.

Question 4. Jason H: Ok, we’re starting to buy gold/silver, but where do we store it? Private vault? But with this option, we won’t have immediate access to it(they would ship it to us). A safe at home?

Question 5. Brendon F: If the US bond market crashes, will this affect other bond markets around the world in other countries?  Will this in turn affect interest rates in other countries in the world?”