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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Ron S: Would you explain derivatives. Give some simple examples.  Who pays what to initiate one?  In a crash, who loses what?

Question 2. Robert: Do you see the states going back to printing their own forms of money?

Question 3. Elizabeth S: Historically, platinum has always been more expensive, per troy ounce, than gold. However, looking at recent charts, in 2011 and since 2015, there has been an inversion where gold prices are higher than platinum.  What happened to cause this?  And is platinum an under-valued precious metal, given its relative price to gold currently?

Question 4. Guylain L: I have the option of “pooled” and “segregated” storage for my physical metal. is there one which is better in regards to the security of my metal in case of a meltdown?

Question 5. Rick N: If currency collapses are preceded by debt default then wouldn’t the corresponding contraction in the money supply result in a deflationary event for at least a short period of time (3-9 months)?