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PRECIOUS METALS STRATEGY: Get the MOST from Gold & Silver. Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin

Blog Nov 20, 2018

Eric sources questions from Lynette’s viewers and Lynette responds with organic and unrehearsed answers. If you have a question for Lynette and Eric, please either submit your question though YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or email to questions@itmtrading.com. If you enjoyed the Q&A with Lynette Zang, please like, subscribe, and share in order to help Lynette fight the fiat money disease!

Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Lisa M: Why buy silver and gold if there is a risk of confiscation?

Question 2. Timothy G: When I have sold any silver, be it bullion or old coins that I had to liquidate for emergencies, I have no coin stores nearby. I somehow have lucked out by sometimes finding an ad in the newspaper by a local private collector that pays round about 80% of the actual price. My problem is that they have never been stable enough to remain local and move. How do I go about finding a way to in the future to enable me a way to liquidate coins? Some of these “guys” detest bullion, some don’t.

Question 3. Lyn H: In order to get through a reset to whatever new normal is on the other side, what do you see as a minimum amount for storing food and other household necessities?

Question 4. Andy G: When you project the intrinsic value of gold (for example, $9,600) are you talking about current dollars or nominal dollars at the time of the reset? Shouldn’t this number increase as the purchasing power of the dollar deceases?

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